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The Triumph of Time

Art and Architecture Descriptions

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View of ceiling paintings
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A ceiling decoration for the Elliott Room

The painting contains thirteen winged figures.  The twelve female figures represent the Hours, and the one male figure, Time.  The Christian Centuries are typified by twenty horses arranged in five rows, of four each.  In each row the two center horses are side by side, and between these and the outer horses are two winged female figures representing Hours.   On either side of the cart in which is the figure of Time are the Hours of Life and Death.  The design -- viewed from the doorway of the adjoining room at the front of the Research Library building -- begins near the left-hand corner and describes a semi-circle, with a downward sweep over an effect of clouds, back to the left again, to a point about two-thirds across the canvas, and culminates in a disk, the sun, before which are the leading horse and the figure typifying the Twentieth Century.  In the nearer right-hand corner is a crescent moon with a full disk faintly showing.  The decoration is divided in the center by a beam, but notwithstanding this division, the composition is consecutive.