Archives Unbound

As a multi-disciplinary resource, Archives Unbound greatest value lies in the wealth of facts and insights that they provide in connection with the political and military, economic and business, literary, music, and social history of America and a whole host of foreign countries. From many perspectives Archives Unbound illuminate such events and developments as the Industrial Revolution and its attendant negatives and benefits; the rise and sometimes fall of nations in the 19th and 20th centuries; the development of social movements, such as the women's right to vote or the right to birth control; the various faces and responses to the end of colonialism and the sometimes progress in the Third World; the economic and social stratification of America; and the "miracle" of Western Europe following the devastation and economic collapse of the post-World War II period. The flower children of the Woodstock age and the militancy of Blacks, Indians, and Hispanic Americans are represented in various Digital Special Collections, along with the American government's response.