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Edward Everett
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Trustee of the Boston Public Library, 1852-1865. President of the Board of Trustees, 1852-1864. Born 1794 in Dorchester, MA; died 1865 in Boston. Clergyman, politician, author and orator. A veteran politician and statesman by the time of his election to the Board of Trustees, Edward Everett was designated its first President. He graduated from Harvard University in 1811 and served as a faculty member, later its President, and for several periods one of its Overseers. His public life included service in both houses of Congress representing Massachusetts, as Secretary of State to Millard Fillmore, as Governor of Massachusetts, and speaking extensively in support of the Union cause—his most famous speech was delivered before the President’s Address at Gettysburg, PA. A firm believer in libraries as part of a complete education for all people, the gift of his personal collection of public and State documents to the City Library began Edward Everett’s constant support in guiding the development of the Library until his death in 1865. His bust, created by Thomas Ball, stands in Bates Reading Hall today.

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