Trustees' Fellowes Athenaeum Trust Advisory Committee

Board of Trustees
October 29, 2013

Meeting of the Trustees Fellowes Athenaeum Trust Advisory Committee
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 / 9:30 a.m.
Dudley Branch Library, 65 Warren Street, Roxbury, MA 02119

Chairman Evelyn Arana-Ortiz



  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Evelyn Arana-Ortiz, Chair
  2. Report of the Chair
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair
    • Approval of Agenda
    • Approval of July 31, 2013 Meeting Minutes
  3. Update on Programs and Activities
    Ms. Candelaria Silva-Collins
  4. FY14 First Quarter Financial Review
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Budget, expenses, encumbrances
  6. Proposed Meeting Schedule
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair
    • March 2014 TBD
  7. Old Business
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair
  8. New Business
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair
  9. Public Comment
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair
  10. Adjournment
    Ms. Arana-Ortiz, Chair