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Dr. Winslow Lewis
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Trustee of the Boston Public Library, 1867. Born 1799 to sailor and lighthouse builder, Winslow Lewis; died 1875 in Grantville, MA. Physician, surgeon and politician. A descendant of Plymouth Colony's Winslow family, Winslow Lewis graduated from Harvard College in 1819 and completed his medical training there in 1822. He immediately went to Europe to advance his medical training and would later return often for pleasure. His skills as a surgeon were augmented by his interests in anatomy and led to his editing and translating some medical texts from French. Besides private practice, Dr. Lewis' medical career included service as Consulting Physician for Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as Physician to the House of Corrections and the Municipal Institutions. He would also serve several terms in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Before joining the Library's Board of Trustees, Dr. Lewis was president of the New England Historic Genealogical Society from 1861 to 1866.

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