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Alvarez, Julia. In the Name of Salome: A Novel. In 1960, 65-year old retired Spanish professor Camila Urena must decide on her future and encounters her late mother, a Dominican poet.

Arana, Marie. American Chica: Two worlds, One Childhood.  The daughter of an American mother and a Peruvian father, Arana describes her experiences in both cultures.

Azzi, Maria Susana. Le Grand Tango: the Life and Music of Astor Piazzolla. The grandson of Italian immigrants who spent his childhood on the Lower East Side of Manhattan became the most famous composer of Argentine tango music.

Borges, Luz. Debt of Love=Deuda de Amor. Latino Journalists Soledad and Alvaro separate and reunite, but never fall out of love.

Boullosa, Carmen. Leaving Tabasco. Delmira Ulloa is raised by her mother and grandmother in a magical Mexican village. As an adult, she becomes involved in political activity and is forced to flee to Europe.

Carlson, Lori M. The Sunday Tertulla: A Novel. Claire, a young New Yorker, meets one Sunday afternoon each month with a group of Latina women for delicious food and stimulating conversation.

Chavez, Denise. Loving Pedro Infante. Teresina Avila a thirty-ish teacher's aide in rural Cabritoville, NM, is in love with sexy Mexican movie star Pedro Infante.

Davis, Mike. Magical Urbanism: Latinos Reinvent the US City. A collection of essays about the "Latin Americanization" of the United States.

Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics, vol. 2 Hispanic-Americans and Native-Americans. Schultz, Jeffrey, ed. This book describes the important people, events, court cases, movements, and organizations of the four largest American minority groups.

Espada, Martin. A Mayan Astronomer in Hell's Kitchen: Poems. A collection of political poems by a Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican poet.

Fuller, Berta Platas. Todo de mi =All of me. A bilingual romance set in rural North Georgia.

Garcia-Aguilera, Carolina. Havana Heat: a Lupe Solano mystery. Miami P.I. Lupe Solano gets involved in three cases related to Cuban art

Gilb, Dagoberto. Woodcuts of Women. A collection of short stories about Mexican-American men in barrios.

Gonzalez, Juan. Harvest of Empire: a History of Latinos in America. A New York Daily News columnist wrote this history of immigration from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Grillo, Evelio. Black Cuban, Black American: A Memoir. Growing up in early twentieth-century Ybor City, Florida, the author encountered discrimination because of his race and his native language.

Gutierrez, Franklin. Eras Terrehales: Bibliografias de 150 Autores Dominicanas. Spanish biographies of Dominican authors.

Lamazares, Ivonne. The Sugar Island. Tanya and her revolutionary mother escape on a leaky raft from Cuba to Miami and find that the US is not what they expected.

Latina Beauty. By the editors of Latina magazine and Belen Aranda-Alvarado. Insider beauty tips from stars, models, stylists and other fashionistas.

Levine, Robert and Moises Asis. Cuban Miami. Since 1959, over one million people have left Cuba for Miami. This book describes in words and pictures their profound influence on South Florida.

Median, C.C. A Little Love. This is the story of the friendship, lives, and loves of four Latinas in Miami.

Nava, Yolanda, ed. It's All in the Frijoles: 100 Famous Latinos Share Real-Life Stories, Time-Tested Dichos, Favorite Folktales, and Inspiring Words of Wisdom. A collection of poems, sayings, songs, and folktales by famous Latinos, past and present.

Old Havana Cookbook: Cuban Recipes in Spanish and English=Libro de cocina de Habana la vieja: Recetas Cubans en Espanol e Ingles. A bilingual Cuban cookbook.

Padilla, Mike. Hard Language. Short stories about Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Perez, Luis. El Coyote, the Rebel: A Nonfiction Novel. Perez lived an incredible life as a soldier, cotton picker, miner, and student at Hollywood High School.

Rivera, Beatriz. Playing with Light. After Cuban-American Rebecca Barrios and her friends start a book group, strange things happen.

Se Habla Espanol: Voces Latinas en USA=Spanish is Spoken: Latino voices in the USA. Paz Soldan, Edmundo and Albert Fuguet, Short stories by diverse Latino authors in English, Spanish, and "Spanglish"

Stavans, Ilan. Latino USA: A Cartoon History. Illustrations fill this popular and cultural history about Latinos living in the United States.

Troyano, Alina. I, Carmilita Tropicano: Performing Between Cultures. The collected works by a Cuban Lesbian feminist performance artist.

Wishnia, K.J.A. The Glass Factory: a Filomena Buscarsela mystery. Ex-New York City policewoman Filomena Buscarla is a single woman with terminal cancer who is hot on the trail of the industrialist who poisoned her.

Compiled by Anne Smart, Librarian, South End Branch, Boston Public Library, 2001. Part of the Americanos program.

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