Boston Public Library
Black Is... 2000: Mysteries
Booklists for Adults

*Recommended for Teens

BLUE BLOOD by Pamela Thomas-Graham. Economics professor Nikki Chase continues her detective work to prove that a young black man has been accused of murder in a case of mistaken identity.

BLUEBOTTLE: A LEW GRIFFIN NOVEL by James Sallis. Detective Griffin is shot leaving a music club with a white woman. Who was the real target?

COQ AU VIN by Charlotte Carter. While searching for her missing aunt in Paris, saxophone playing and Grace-Jones-lookalike Hayes teams up with expatriate street musician and gangster, Gigi LaCroix.

GRAVEYARD DUST by Barbara Hambly. Voodoo plays a starring role in the third mystery featuring free man of color, Benjamin January.

INNER CITY BLUES by Paula L. Woods. During the LA riots, Detective Charlotte Justice discovers the body of the man who killed her family.

*THE LEFT HAND OF GOD by Hugh Holton. Police Commander Larry Cole is back investigating a right wing group which wants to make the world safe for the wealthy.

MAMA ROCKS THE EMPTY CRADLE by Nora DeLoach. A baby disappears. The dog brings home two infant skulls. Mama investigates.

NEELY JONES: THE MEDUSA POOL by M. K. Wren. When token deputy Neely finds herself elected sheriff, she is ready to decline the position until her boyfriend turns up murdered.

NO TIME TO DIE by Grace F. Edwards. The obvious suspect in Claudine Hastings’ murder is her abusive ex-husband, but after he is arrested, the body count rises.

A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE by Darryl Wimberley. Can the first black detective in a Florida police department maintain his impartiality when his brother is accused of murder?

THE TRIALS OF NIKKI HILL by Christopher Darden and Dick Lochte. Assistant DA Hill tackles the murder of an odious tabloid reporter.

WHERE TO CHOOSE: A Carole Ann Gibson Mystery by Penny Mickelbury. Responding to a call for help from her mother, Carole Ann Gibson returns to Los Angeles to find her old neighborhood under siege by rival gangs.

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