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Black Is... 2002: Fiction
Booklists for Adults

*Recommended for Teens

Ain't No River
by Sharon Ewell Foster.
70-something Meemaw is keeping company with GoGo, a much younger retired football player, and her granddaughter is going to put a stop to it. Christian fiction.

Any Way the Wind Blows
by E. Lynn Harris.
Deceit, bed-hopping, and scandals are revealed as jilted bride Yancey Harrington Braxton and resident bisexual playboy John Basil Henderson continue their adventures.

Awakening Mercy
by Angela Benson.
While doing community service at a Christian charity, Cecelia finds herself falling in love with the young director. Christian fiction.

*Between Lovers
by Eric Jerome Dickey.
Sexually confused Nicole must decide between a successful male author and beautiful Ayanna.

by Aaron Roy Even.
In 1930s small-town Virginia, an aging caretaker and his sister kill a white sheriff who is acting on orders to turn them off their land.

Cane River
by Lalita Tademy.
Historical fiction based on four generations of the author's family.

by Melinda Haynes.
16-year-old Hezekiah Sheehand leaves his abusive home and heads to Chalktown, where residents communicate only by writing on chalkboards.

Child of God
by Lolita Files.
An incestuous relationship begins unraveling for two generations of a Tennessee clan, as they cope with homosexuality, voodoo, and murder.

Church Folk
by Michele Andrea Bowen.
The new preacher of the Greater Hope Church discovers that the church leadership is running a call-girl service out of a local funeral home.

Dangerous Dilemmas
by Evelyn Palfrey.
Life is complicated for Audrey. Her husband is having an affair with a man, her son is on trial for murder and she falls for his arresting officer.

*The Day Eazy-E Died
by James Earl Hardy.
Top model Raheim Rivers copes with fatherhood and relationship problems, while he secretly awaits test results for his HIV status.

by Mat Johnson.
A product of a dysfunctional family, Kenzie struggles to overcome alcoholism. At her dying father's bedside, she finds forgiveness and ultimately, recovery.

Fire in Beulah
by Rilla Askew.
The intertwined lives of blacks and whites during the Tulsa race riot of 1921.

by Timmothy B. McCann.
Careers, pride, and smoldering infidelity mar the lives of two couples struggling to decipher their puzzling relationships.

4 Guys and Trouble
by Marcus Major.
Promises made to a dying friend forever bind these four fraternity brothers.

The Future Has a Past
by J. California Cooper.
Four stories about women who discover the transforming power of love.

*Gabriel's Story
by David Anthony Durham.
In 1870s Kansas, a 15-year-old runs away from home and joins a murderous band of cattle thieves.

God Don't Like Ugly
by Mary Monroe.
After enduring years of sexual abuse at the hands of her mother's tenant, Annette and her friend Rhonda decide he must be stopped.

Got to be Real: Four Original Love Stories
by E. Lynn Harris et al.
"Sex in the City" from the male point of view.

Guys in Suits
by Van Whitfield.
Simon and Stuart, two lovelorn Lotharios, are in their 30s and ready to commit, but somehow the ladies aren't materializing.

Hand-Me-Down Heartache
by Tajuana "TJ" Butler.
Leo, a successful rapper, treats Nina well, but she still can't forget Maurice, a promising basketball player who cheats and flies into jealous rages.

The Haunting of Hip-Hop
by Bertrice Berry.
A contemporary music producer buys a haunted house in Harlem, and confronts his ancestral spirits who don't like the messages in his music.

He Sleeps
by Reginald McKnight.
An anthropologist doing research in Senegal, Bertrand faces his unresolved conflicts about race and sexuality.

Hot Johnny (And the Women who Loved Him)
by Sandra Jackson-Opoku.
Who is Hot Johnny and why do women love him so? Eighteen women, from his grandmother to a lover twice his age, recount their stories.

*House of Light
by Joyce Carol Thomas.
Dr. Abyssinia Jackson is blessed with the power to mend bodies and souls.

The Huntsman
by Whitney Terrell.
Clarissa, a white judge's daughter, turns up dead after dating ex-con Booker Short. He becomes the prime suspect.

I Wish I Had a Red Dress
by Pearl Cleage.
After five years of widowhood and hard work, Joyce Mitchell is ready for some fun and romance.

It's a Thin Line
by Kimberla Lawson Roby.
Siblings Gina, Sydney and Rick come together around the crisis of their mother's stroke.

John Henry Days
by Colson Whitehead.
The legend of John Henry and the Industrial Revolution are juxtaposed against the life of a contemporary black journalist and the Digital Revolution.

*Just/In Time
by Billy Dee Williams and Rob MacGregor.
What happened when Calloway uses his psychic ability to help investigate a cult leader suspected of unleashing a lethal virus? A sequel to PSI/Net.

The Justus Girls
by Slim Lambright.
Three women meet again at the funeral of a "sister." They rediscover love, laughter and kinship.

Little Boys Come from the Stars
by Emmanuel Dongala.
Coming of age in the Congo, as told by 14-year-old Matapari, a boy born two days after his twin brothers.

Mamzelle Dragonfly
by Raphael Confiant.
Adelise learns to detach her spirit from her body when she is raped repeatedly by the overseer of the cane fields.

Mr. Commitment
by Mike Gayle.
Benjamin is terrified of making a commitment to marriage, but his girlfriend of four years has issued an ultimatum.

*Nappily Ever After
by Trisha R. Thomas.
Venus Johnson, in her mid-30s, cuts her long, processed hair, kicks her boyfriend to the curb, and starts living for herself.

October Suite
by Maxine Clair.
In 1950s Kansas, single mother October Brown gives her new baby to her childless sister, and then realizes what a terrible mistake she has made.

A Reason to Love
by Marcia King-Gamble.
While running her friend's dating service, Coffee Mates, Niki unexpectedly finds love.

*The Red Moon
by Kuwana Haulsey.
In modern-day Kenya, Nasarian dreams of living abroad and writing, but her brother wants her to be circumcised and take her place in traditional tribal life.

Reinventing the Woman
by Patty Rice.
Ignored by her parents as a child, Camille, a battered woman, struggles to escape a violent relationship.

Resurrecting Mingus: A Novel
by Jenoyne Adams.
Mingus Browning, the daughter of biracial parents, is torn between a sensitive and stable white policeman and a sexy, but erratic, black television producer. "A passionately erotic novel."

The Root Worker
by Rainelle Burton.
A voodoo priestess convinces a mother that her 11-year-old daughter is responsible for all of the family's misfortunes.

*Sap Rising
by Christine Lincoln.
A collection of twelve linked tales looking at life in the rural South.

*Satin Doll
by Karen E. Quinones Miller.
After being shot and beaten, Regina decides to turn her life around, but her past casts shadows on her future.

Sex and the Single Sister
by Maryann Reid.
Five successful young women look for brothers and rank them by their suits and cars.

Shades of Jade
by Gloria Mallette.
Marissa is dating four married men. When one of their wives threatens to kill her, she is forced to examine her choices.

Shadow Dancing
by Louise Meriwether.
Glenda and Mark fall in love, but he comes with baggage: an estranged wife, a son and haunting memories of Vietnam.

The Shirt off His Back
by Parry "Ebony Satin" Brown.
Single father Terry Winston fights to retain custody of his twin girls when their mother returns after an eleven-year absence.

by Jacquelin Thomas.
Discovered in her backwater Georgia congregation, Deborah struggles to keep her faith surrounded by the temptations of sex and money. Christian fiction.

Soul Mates Dissipate
by Mary B. Morrison.
Jada and Wellington are soulmates. Will his color-conscious mother derail their romance?

Soulcatcher and Other Stories
by Charles Johnson.
Twelve short stories illustrate the brutality and terror of slavery in America.

by Victoria Christopher Murray.
Jefferson betrays Kyla and their marriage vows. Can their faith repair this union? Christian fiction.

*This Side of Eternity
by Rosalyn McMillan.
Poverty, racial strife, mental illness and addiction make survival all the more difficult for five siblings after the death of their father.

West of Rehoboth
by Alexs D. Pate.
Intrigued by the mysterious Uncle Rufus, 12-year-old Edward collects clues and discovers the truth about the old man's violent past.

What You Owe Me
by Bebe Moore Campbell.
A black woman's dreams of a successful cosmetics empire are dashed by the betrayal of her white business partner.

Where I'm Bound: A Novel
by Allen B. Ballard.
Escaped slave Joe Duckett leaves his wife and two sons when he joins a black regiment during the Civil War.

The Wind Done Gone
by Alice Randall.
A retelling of Gone with the Wind from a slave's perspective.

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