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Good Eating, Good Health
Booklists for Adults

Aronne, Lou
WEIGH LESS, LIVE LONGER: Dr. Lou Aronne's "Getting Healthy " Plan for Permanent Weight Control
RM222.2.A757 1996

Bailey, Covert
SMART EATING: Choosing Wisely, Living Lean.
RM222.2.B344 1996

Barnard, Neal D.
EAT RIGHT, LIVE LONGER: Using the Natural Power of Foods to Age-Proof Your Body.
RA784.B317 1995

Berger, Stuart
RA784. B39 1988

Chopra, Deepak
BOUNDLESS ENERGY: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Chronic Fatigue.
RB150.F37 C44 1995

Cooper, Robert K.
LOW-FAT LIVING: Turn off the Fat-Makers, Turn on the Fat-Burners for Longevity, Energy, Weight Loss, Freedom from Disease.
RM222.2.C617 1996

Glum, Gary L
RC271. H47 G58 1988x

Havala, Suzanne
SIMPLE, LOWFAT AND VEGETARIAN: Unbelievably Easy Ways to Reduce the Fat in Your Meals.
RM237.7.H38 1994x

Kowalski, Robert
THE REVOLUTIONARY CHOLESTEROL BREAKTHROUGH: How to Eat Everything You Want and Have Your Heart Thank You for It.
RC632. H83 K68 1996

LeVert, Suzanne
MELATONIN: The Anti-Aging Hormone.
QP572. M44 L48 1995x

Ley, Beth
NATURAL HEALING HANDBOOK: Get Back to Health ... Naturally!
RZ440.L49 1995x

Lonsdale, Derrick
WHY I LEFT ORTHODOX MEDICINE: Healing for the 21st Century.
RM216 .L65 1994x

Messina, Virginia
THE VEGETARIAN WAY: Healthy Eating for You and Your Family.
RM236.M444 1996

Nyholt, Dave
RA776.N94 1994x

Ornish, Dean
DR. DEAN ORNISH'S PROGRAM FOR REVERSING HEART DISEASE: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery.
RC685.C6 075 1991x

Page, Helen
THE STANFORD LIFE PLAN FOR A HEALTHY HEART: The Stanford 25 Gram Plan, Plus over 200 Low-Fat Recipes From the World Renowned Stanford University Medical Center.
RM237.7.P34 1996

Pierpaoli, Walter
THE MELATONIN MIRACLE: Nature's Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enhancing Hormone.
QP572.M44 P54 1995


Compiled by: Caroline Young, General Library, Adult Reader and Information Services, Boston Public Library, 1997