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Contemporary Fiction in Translation
Booklists for Adults


African Rhapsody: Short Stories of the Contemporary African Experience, edited by Nadezda Obradovic (with a foreword by Chinua Achebe). 1994.
Call Number: AFRICAN RHA


Baradah, Muhammad. The Game of Forgetting: A Novel. 1996.

Idlibi, Ulfat. Sabriya: Damascus Bitter Sweet: A Novel. 1997.

Kanafani, Ghassan. Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories. 1997.

Mahfuz, Nagib. Children of the Alley. 1996.

Modern Syrian Short Stories, edited by Michel G. Azrak. 1988.
Call Number: Modern Syrian Short Stories

Nasrallah, Emily. Flight Against Time. 1997.

Saadawi, Nawal. The Innocence of the Devil. 1996. The Egyptian feminist, doctor, and novelist's most recent novel.

Shaykh, Hanan. I Sweep the Sun Off Rooftops. 1998. Short stories.

Tahir, Baha. Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery. 1996. A Muslim finds sanctuary in a Coptic monastery. Egyptian.

Voices of Change: Short Stories by Saudi Arabian Women Writers, edited by Abubaker Bagader. 1998. Call Number: Bagader A


Bamboo Shoots After the Rain: Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of Taiwan, edited by Ann C. Carver, Sung-Sheng Yvonne Chang. 1990.
Call Number: Bamboo Shoots

China's Avant-Garde Fiction: An Anthology, edited by Jing Wang. 1998.
Call Number: Wang J

Mo, Yen. Garlic Ballads: A Novel. 1995.

Pai, Hua. The Remote Country of Women. 1994.

Running Wild: New Chinese Writers, edited by David Der-Wei Wang. 1994.
Call Number: Wang D

Shen, Congwen. Imperfect Paradise: Shen Congwen. 1995. Short Stories.

Su, Tong. Rice. 1995.


Kohout, Pavel. The Widow Killer: A Novel. 2000.

Pek·rkov·, Iva. The World is Round. 1994.


Ditlevsen, Tove Irma Margit. Early Spring. 1985.

Hoeg, Peter. The Woman and the Ape. 1996.

Larsen, Michael. Uncertainty: A Novel. 1996.


Bataille, Christophe. Annam. 1996.

Echenoz, Jean. Big Blondes. 1997. Popular French author's thriller involving a television producer searching for his favorite singer.

Ernaux, Annie. A Frozen Woman. 1995.

Rouaud, Jean. Of Illustrious Men: A Novel. 1994.

Volodine, Antoine. Naming the Jungle. 1996.


Hegi, Ursula. The Vision of Emma Blau. 2000.

Schneider, Peter. Couplings. 1996.

Schulze, Ingo. 33 Moments of Happiness: St. Petersburg Stories. 1998.

Sebald, W.H. The Emigrants. 1996.


Hareven, Shulamith. Thirst: The Desert Trilogy. 1996.

Kenaz, Yehosha. The Way to the Cats. 1994.

Koren, Yeshayahu. Funeral at Noon. 1996.

The Oxford Book of Hebrew Short Stories, edited by Glenda Abramson.
1996. Call Number: Oxford Book Of Hebrew

Oz, Amos. Don't Call It Night. 1996.

Shalev, Meir. The Loves of Judith. 1999.

Sleepwalkers and Other Stories: The Arab in Hebrew Fiction, edited by Ehud Ben - Ezer. 1999. Call Number: Sleepwalk

Yehoshua, Abraham B. A Journey to the End of the Millennium: A Novel. 1999.


Esterh·zy, PÈter. She Loves Me. 1997.

Konr·d, Gyˆrgy. A Feast in the Garden. 1992.

Nyiri, JanÛs. Battlefields and Playgrounds. 1995.

Indic Languages

Bhattacharya, Keron. The Pear is Coromandel. 1996.

Kamani, Ginu. Junglee Girl. 1995.

Siddiqi, Shaukat. God's Own Land: A Novel of Pakistan. 1991.


Capriolo, Paola. Floria Tosca. 1997. A novel that takes the point-of-view of the villian, Scarpia, in the opera, Tosca.

Maraini, Dacia. The Silent Duchess: A Novel. 1998. A historical feminist novel set in eighteenth-century Sicily.

Tabucchi, Antonio. Pereira Declares: A Testimony. 1997. Socio-political novel about fascism in Italy during the 1930's.

Timpanelli, Gioia. Sometimes the Soul: Two Novellas of Sicily. 1999. A well-known storyteller offers two novellas, fairy tale account of modern life.

Vigano, Renata. Partisan Wedding: Stories. 1999. Female resistance fighters in World War II.


Endo, Shusaku. Deep River. 1996.

Murakami, Haruki. South of the Border, West of the Sun. 1999. A coming-of-age novel that extends to middle age.

Oe, Kenzaburo. An Echo of Heaven. 1996.

The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories, edited by Theodore W. Goossen. 1997. Call Number: Oxford Book

Togawa, Masako. Slow Fuse. 1995.

Tsushima, Yuko. The Shooting Gallery and Other Stories. 1997. Stories that examine women's lives in modern Japan.


Kajiyama, Toshiyuki. The Clan records: Five Stories. 1995.

Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction, edited by Marshall R. Pihl. 1993.

Call Number: Landofexi

Yi, Mun-yol. The Poet. 1995.


Gaarder, Jostein. Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy. 1994.

Ullmann, Linn. Before You Sleep. 1999.

Wassmo, Herbjorg. Dina's Book: A Novel. 1994.


Amado, Jorge. The War of the Saints. 1993.

Hatoum, Milton. The Tree of the Seventh Heaven. 1994.

Ribeiro, Jo„o Ubaldo. The Lizard's Smile. 1994.

Saramago, JosÈ. Blindness. 1998. Nobel Prize winner.

Tabucchi, Antonio. Requiem: A Hallucination. 1998. Surrealist account of love and loss of a writer visiting Portugal.


Manea, Norman. The Black Envelope. 1995.

Muller, Herta. The Land of Green Plums. 1998. Account of the German minority living under Ceausescu's communist Romania.


Bitov, Andrei. The Monkey Link: A Pilgrimage Novel. 1995.

Pelevin, Viktor. The Life of Insects: A Novel. 1998.

Petrushevskaia, Ludmila. Immortal Love. 1995.

Rybakov, Anatolii Naumovich. Dust and Ashes. 1996.

Yermakov, Oleg. Afghan Tales: Stories from Russia's Vietnam. 1993.

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny. Don't Die Before You're Dead. 1995.


Drakulic, Slavenka. S: A Novel about the Balkans. 2000.


Cubana: Contemporary Fiction by Cuban Women, edited by Mirta Y·Òez. 1998. Call Number: Yanez M

Donoso, Jose. The Obscene Bird of Night: A Novel. 1995.

Eltit, Diamela. The Fourth World. 1995.

Garro, Elena. First Love & Look for My Obituary: Two Novellas. 1997.

Mastretta, Angeles. Arrancame La Vida. 1998. Feminist account of post-Revolutionary Mexico as told through the life of a woman married to a general.

Montero, Mayra. The Messenger. 1999. Fictional account of Enrico Caruso's disappearance over one weekend in Havana, Cuba in 1920.

Perez-Reverte, Arturo. Fencing Master. 1999. A thriller involving a nineteenth-century fencing master who faces the murder of one of his clients.

Sepúlveda, Luis. The Name of a Bullfighter. 1996.

Vargas Llosa, Mario. The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto. 1998.


Ekman, Kerstin. Blackwater. 1996.

Guillou, Jan. Enemy's Enemy: A Novel. 1992.


Jenny, ZoÎ. 1999. The Pollen Room. A bestseller in Germany and Switzerland, the novel explores the dynamics between a mother and her daughter.


Bao, Ninh. The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam. 1995.

Duong, Thu Huong. Novel Without a Name. 1995.

The Other Side of Heaven: Post War Fiction by Vietnamese and American Writers, edited by Wayne Karlin, Le Minh Khue, and Truong Vu. 1995.

Call Number: Other Side of Heaven


Pamuk, Orhan. The New Life. 1997.


The Penguin Book of International Gay Fiction, edited by Mark Mitchell. 1995.

Call Number: Penguin Book

The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction, edited by Naomi Holloch and Joan Nestle. 1999. Call Number: Holloch N

Compiled by Serena Enger, General Library, Adult Reader and Information Services, Boston Public Library, February 2000