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Are You A Leo? Try These Great Books By Other Leos
Booklists for Adults

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Alex Haley

Herman Melville
Billy Budd

Emily Bronte
Wuthering Heights

George Bernard Shaw

Ray Bradbury
Something Wicked This Way Comes

James Baldwin
Go Tell It On the Mountain

Walter Dean Myers
Fallen Angels

Paula Danziger
P.S. Longer Letter Later


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Are you a Leo?



July 23-August 23

Gemstone: Ruby

Ruling Star: Sun

Organization is essential for Leos who need control in their lives. With the slightest encouragement, their organizational ability will spill over into the disordered lives of others. The risk lies in their taking over because they hate to see ability wasted. Their worst fault is in assuming they always know best. Leos may also be extremely dogmatic and must cultivate flexible minds and respect for others’ opinions. The characteristic Leonine warmth, generosity, and desire to understand others can then be fully indulged. Parkers’ Astrology

Created on the cusp by Vicky Morgan, Pisces and Cate Shier, Cancer,  Faneuil Branch, Boston Public Library, 1999