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Staff Selections: April 2001
Booklists for Adults
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AIN’T I A WOMAN: A BOOK OF WOMEN’S POETRY FROM AROUND THE WORLD. An international collection of women’s poetry. PN6109.9 .A36 1988

Bader, David M. Haikus for Jews: for you, a little wisdom. Sidesplitting original haikus containing the wisdom of the ages. PN6231.J5 B227 1999

Berg, Stephen. THE BODY ELECTRIC: AMERICA’S BEST POETRY FROM THE AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW. With an introduction by Harold Bloom, this anthology highlights contemporary poetry from the past thirty years. PS586 .B54 2000

BREAD AND ROSES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF NINETEENTH-AND TWENTIETH-CENTURY POETRY BY WOMEN WRITERS. The social life of American women is detailed in this collection. PR1177 .B7 1982

Bukowski, Charles. LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL: POEMS, 1974-1977. His poetry is as brilliant as his prose. PS3552.U4 L68 1998x

Catullus, Gaius Valerius. THE POEMS OF CATULLUS. Try Catullus for erotic lyricism. PA6275.E5 M28 1990

Celan, Paul. GLOTTAL STOP: 101 POEMS. A selection of dark gems by this hermetic German author. PT2605.E4 A25 2000

Cullen, Countee. MY SOUL’S HIGH SONG: THE COLLECTED WRITINGS OF COUNTEE CULLEN, VOICE OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE. A leading voice during the Harlem Renaissance, his poems are as fresh and relevant today. PS3505.U287 A6 1991

Dickinson, Emily. COLLECTED POEMS. The definitive work of this mysterious American poet who had a unique voice. PS1541 .A6 1991

Doob, Leonard W. ANTS WILL NOT EAT YOUR FINGERS: A SELECTION OF TRADITIONAL AFRICAN POEMS. A glimpse into African rituals and beliefs. PL8013.E5 D65

Flanagan, Laurence, ed. THE DARLING OF MY HEART: TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF IRISH LOVE WRITING. A collection of love poetry and prose that ranges from Celtic times to the Ireland of today. PR8836.5.L68 D37 1994x

Gernes, Sonia. WOMEN AT FORTY:POEMS. Women’s reflections on an important milestone. PS3557.E685 W66 1988

Graham, Jorie. SWARM: (POEMS). The themes of these poems are reconsideration, renunciation and migration. PS3557.R214 S98 2000

Hamill, Sam, ed. THE GIFT OF TONGUES: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF POETRY FROM COPPER CANYON PRESS. It includes many distinguished and exciting new poetic voices. PN6101.G54 1996

Heaney, Seamus, translator. BEOWULF. A new translation of an Anglo-Saxon classic by this Irish poet PR1583.H43 2000

Heng-toang-toui-shih. THE JADE MOUNTAIN: A CHINESE ANTHOLOGY, BEING THREE HUNDRED POEMS OF THE T’ANG DYNASTY, 618-906. A bible of classical Chinese poetry. PL2658.E3 S8 1967

Hughes, Langston. THE COLLECTED POEMS OF LANGSTON HUGHES. Spanning five decades some were previously published by this great writer who has been called the Poet Laureate of African America. PS3515.U274 A17 1995

Kunitz, Stanley. THE COLLECTED POEMS. The life's work of the latest Poet Laureate; The poems are about birth, death, the cosmos, etc. PS3521.U7 A17 2000 (On order)

Koch, Kenneth. NEW ADDRESSES: POEMS. Fifty poems, each an ode to a different subject. PS3521.O27 N49 2000

Mandel Shtam, Osip. SELECTED POEMS. A leading poet of Russia's Silver Age, he died in one of Stalin's concentration camps. PG3476.M355 A23

Masefield, John. POEMS. His sea poems are so vivid that you smell the salt and the spices of mysterious ports of call. PR6025 .A77

Neruda, Pablo. CANTO GENERAL. The epic of Latin American history by a Nobel Laureate. PQ8097.N4 C1713 1991x

Oliver, Mary. HOUSE OF LIGHT. An award-winning collection about the natural and spiritual worlds. PS3565.L5 H68 1990

Paine, Jeffrey, ed. THE POETRY OF OUR WORLD: AN INTERNATIONAL ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY POETRY. Essays provide the context for his diverse collection from many of the

English- speaking countries. PN6101.P57 2000

Pinsky, Robert. JERSEY RAIN. Poems about the virtues of public and private life. PS3566.I54 J47 2000

Ransom, John C. SELECTED POEMS. Poems that explore the ironies of human existence displayed in ordinary domestic life. PS3535.A635A6

Rimbaud, Arthur. COLECTED POEMS. These amazing sensual works were written before the poet was twenty-one. They have influenced the poets who came after him. PQ2387.R5 A6 1997x

Wang, Wei. POEMS. Wang is the most famous Chinese poet to write about the beauty of nature. PL2997.W34 A24

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