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Staff Selections: July 2001
Booklists for Adults
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Allen, Robert G. MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Advice from an author and promoter of get-rich seminars, infomercials, etc; he writes about creating income with little or no money. HG221.A415 2000

Arana, Marie. AMERICAN CHICA: TWO WORLDS, ONE CHILDHOOD. Arana's memoir explores the problems of being caught between two different and conflicting cultures as the daughter of an American mother and a Peruvian father. PN4874.A567 A3 2001

Black, Alexandra. THE JAPANESE HOUSE. An exquisitely illustrated tour of various residences in Japan provides decorating tips and a glimpse into Japanese home life. NA7451.B53 2000x

Bogle, Donald. PRIMETIME BLUES: AFRICAN AMERICANS ON NETWORK TELEVISION. This award-winning historian focuses on African-American portrayals and performers on television from early shows to today's series. PN1992.8.A34.B64 2001

Bowden, Mark. KILLING PABLO: THE HUNT FOR THE WORLD'S GREATEST OUTLAW. The exciting tale of the notorious Colombian druglord/ billionaire. HV5805.E82 B69 2001

Brennan, Barbara. HANDS OF LIGHT: A GUIDE TO HEALING THROUGH THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD. Learn about the human energy field and its relationship to health and well being. This is considered a classic in the field of bioenergetic or hands-on-healing. BF1275.F3 B74 1988

Brooks, David. BOBOS IN PARADISE: THE NEW UPPER CLASS AND HOW THEY GOT THERE. "Bobos" is the author's acronym for what he sees as a new generation of "bourgeois bohemians." HN90.E4 B76 2001

Cuellar, Jose Tomas de. THE MAGIC LANTERN. A birthday party and a Christmas celebration gone comically awry set the stage for the satirical skewering of nineteenth century Mexican society. (Fiction)

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. THE UNKNOWN ERRORS OF OUR LIVES: STORIES. The ordinary lives of Indians coping with the effects of America on their families. (Fiction)

Fadiman, Anne. THE SPIRIT CATCHES YOU AND YOU FALL DOWN: A HMONG CHILD, HER AMERICAN DOCTORS AND THE COLLISION OF TWO CULTURES. Brilliantly researched and written, this true story explores the clash between western medicine practitioners and a Laotian refugee family over the care of their daughter who is diagnosed with severe epilepsy. RA418.5.T73 F33 1997

Garton Ash, Timothy. HISTORY OF THE PRESENT: ESSAYS, SKETCHES AND DISPATCHES FROM EUROPE IN THE 1990s. The author examines the extraordinary social and political changes that have occurred in Europe from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the crisis in Kosovo. D2009.G37 1999

Gill, Bartholomew. THE DEATH OF AN IRISH SINNER: A PETER McGARR MYSTERY. Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr investigates the death of an Opus Deimember. (Fiction)

Godwin, Gail. HEART. A literary and emotional treatise on those with heart and the heartless. GR489.4.G63 2001

Goldsmith, Olivia. BAD BOY. In this entertaining romantic comedy, Tracie agrees to make over her techno-wizard dweeb friend into a "bad boy." As Jon changes from nerdy to knockout the dynamics of their friendship change too. (Fiction)

Gordon, Alice. SUMMER. Thirty-seven of America's best-loved writers celebrate summer in a lavishly illustrated collection of original memoirs essays and poems. PS509.S87 S8 1990

Halpern, Sue. FOUR WINGS AND A PRAYER: CAUGHT IN THE MYSTERY OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY. A portrait of these unique and endangered butterflies and the people who study them. QL561.D3 H35 2001

House, Adrian. FRANCIS OF ASSISI. A fascinating account of a genius whose ethic of neighborliness, rather than rule, helped him address the economic break-up of the feudal system, the religious life of women, the destructiveness of the Crusades, and the joy of creation. BX4700.F6 H595 2000

Karbo, Karen. MOTHERHOOD MADE A MAN OUT OF ME. Brooke finds her old life obliterated by her 6-month-old daughter and an indifferent husband; this funny but frank novel looks at modern motherhood and marriage. (Fiction)

Keaton, Eleanor. BUSTER KEATON REMEMBERED. A comprehensive collection of photos and text documenting Keaton's career in vaudeville, his shorts with Fatty Arbuckle, his innovative feature films and amazing stunt work, as well as his work on television and in the circus. PN2287.K4 K43 2001

Kessler, Lauren. THE HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PANCHO BARNES. A totally captivating colorful riches to rags tale about the extraordinary life of a female pilot who was way ahead of her time. TL540.B325 K47 2000

Kohler, Sheila. THE CHILDREN OF PITHIVIERS: A NOVEL. A deeply moving account of how the horrors of the past affect the present. (Fiction)

Lencek, Lena. THE BEACH: THE HISTORY OF PARADISE ON EARTH. An illuminating history of the seashore that includes a list of the eighty best beach destinations. GB454.B3 L46 1998x

Lloyd, Christopher. GARDENER COOK. A beautifully photographed cookbook from one of Great Britain's foremost garden writers. TX801.L56 1997x

MacLaine, Shirley. THE CAMINO: A JOURNEY OF THE SPIRIT. Relive MacLaine's 1994 pilgrimage across Northern Spain. PN2287.M18 A3 2000

Montgomery, Ruth Shick. THE WORLD TO COME: GUIDANCE FOR A COMING AGE. At the urging of her spirit guides and her numerous readers, Ruth Montgomery offers insight and guidance on upcoming earth changes and the subsequent transition to a new spiritual and energetic age. BF1311.P75 M66 1999

Nothomb, Amelie. FEAR AND TREMBLING. Unaware of the hierarchical work-driven values of Japanese business culture, a young Belgian woman comically and disastrously begins her descent at the Yumimoto Corporation. The multi-award winning French author has also drawn a devastating portrait of women's lives in Japan. (Fiction)

Perez-Reverte, Arturo. THE CLUB DUMAS, OR, THE SHADOW OF RICHELIEU. This occult thriller involves a rare book dealer who is hired to authenticate an old volume possibly written by Satan. (Fiction)


WHALESHIP ESSEX. Compelling account offering fine detail of Nantucket and the whaling industry. G530.E76 2000

Reed, Paul. LONGING: A NOVEL. A novel about the intense and passionate love between Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. (Fiction)

Sapolsky, Robert M. A PRIMATE'S MEMOIR. For all of us who wonder what species we really are. QL737.P93 S27 2001

Slayton, Robert A. EMPIRE STATESMAN: THE RISE AND REDEMPTION OF AL SMITH. The story of one of New York's most colorful politicians. E748.S63 S57 2001

Stoll, Andrew L. THE OMEGA-3 CONNECTION: HOW YOU CAN RESTORE YOUR BODY'S NATURAL BALANCE AND TREAT DEPRESSION. The author, a physician, believes what we are NOT eating may be altering our brain chemistry, leaving us vulnerable to anxiety and depression. RC537.S76 2001 (on order)

Tapper, Jake. DOWN & DIRTY: THE PLOT TO STEAL THE PRESIDENCY. Written by the Washington correspondent for, the account's cast of characters includes Gore, George W. Bush, brother Jeb, Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court. JK526 2000.T26.2001x.

Tey, Josephine. THE DAUGHTER OF TIME. A novel which defends the reputation of Richard III. (Fiction)

Verghese, Abraham. MY OWN COUNTRY: A DOCTOR'S STORY OF A TOWN AND ITS PEOPLE IN THE AGE OF AIDS. A truly interesting and heartfelt book, it is a foreign-born doctor's account of his life and medical practice treating AIDS patients in a rural Tennessee town. RA644.A25 V47 1994

Webster, Brenda S. THE LAST GOOD FREUDIAN. This reminiscence of the 1950s psychoanalysis craze is a must-read for memoir aficionados. PS3573.E255 Z465 2000

Weir, Alison. HENRY VIII: THE KING AND HIS COURT. An informative social history of a fascinating king. DA332.W45 2001x

Wells, Tom. WILD MAN: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DANIEL ELLSBERG. A biography of the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers. CT275.E28518 W45 2001

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