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ARE YOU A TAURUS? Try These Great Books by Other Taureans!
Booklists for Adults

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Harper Lee
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gary Paulsen
The Rifle

Todd Strasser
Girl Gives Birth to Own Prom Date

Caroline Cooney
The Voice on the Radio

Norma Klein
Just Friends

Norma Fox Mazer
After the Rain

Paula Fox
Radiance Descending

Lois Duncan
Killing Mr. Griffin

Paul Zindel
Reef of Death

Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre


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Are you a Taurus?



April 21-May 21

Gemstone: Emerald

Ruling Planet: Venus

Reliability is the essential characteristic of a Taurean&emdash;if he or she is to function satisfactorily, it must be against a stable and secure background for emotional and material security is of prime importance. These people have a great deal of common sense but can lack flexibility and must realize that even well thought-out decisions should sometimes be changed. Taureans often surround themselves with possessions as an outward sign of their achievements and to convince them of their progress and position in society. Parkers’ Astrology

Created on the cusp by Vicky Morgan, Pisces and Cate Shier, Cancer,  Faneuil Branch, Boston Public Library, 1999.