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To Die For! True Tales of Grisly Crime, Part II
Booklists for Adults

Masquerade: A True Story of Seduction,Compulsion, and Murder by Lowell Cauffeil
HV6533 .M5 C38

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Search for a Child Killer by Tommy McIntyre
HV6533 .M5 M37


When Father and Son Conspire: A Minnesota Farm Murder by Joseph Amato
HV6533 .M6 A46


Murder in Minnesota: A Collection of True Cases by Walter N. Trenerry
HV6533 .M6 T7


The Shadow of Death: The Hunt for a Serial Killer by Philip E. Ginsburg
HV6533 .N27 G56


In a Child’s Name: The Legacy of a Mother’s Murder by Peter Maas
HV6533 .N3 M33


Murdered in Jersey by Gerald Tomlinson
HV6533 .N3 T66


Three Sisters in Black by Norman Zierold
HV6533 .N3 Z5


The Broken Circle: A True Story of Murder and Magic in Indian Country by Rodney Baraker
HV6533 .N4 B37


This Crazy Thing Called Love: The Golden World and Fatal Marriage of Ann and Billy Woodward by Susan Braudy
HV6533 .N5 B73


Circle of Fire: Murder and Betrayal in the "Swiss Nanny" Case by Joyce Egginton
HV6533 .N5 E35


A Deadly Silence: The Ordeal of Cheryl Pierson by Dena Kleinman
HV6533 .N5 K57


Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the MacDonald Murders by Jerry Allen Potter & Fred Bost
HV6533 .N8 P68


The Girl on the Volkswagen Floor by William A. Clark
HV6533 .O5 C5


Prophet of Death: The Mormon Blood-Atonement Killings by Pete Earley
HV6533 O5 E37


Beyond All Reason: My Life with Susan Smith by David Smith with Carol Calef
HV6533 .S63 S6


The Death Shift: The True Story of Nurse Genene Jones and the Texas Baby Murders by Peter Elkind
HV6533 .T4 E38


Mother Love, Deadly Love by Anne McDonald Maier
HV6533 .T4 M34


Deadly Blessing by Steve Salerno
HV6533 .T4 S25


Beyond Reason: The True Story of a Shocking Double Murder, a Brilliant and Beautiful Virginia Socialite and a Deadly Psychotic Obsession by Ken Englade
HV6533 .V8 E54


Breaking Blue by Timothy Egan
HV6533 .W2 E36


Who Killed My Daughter? by Lois Duncan
HV6534 .A35 D96


Sudden Fury: A True Story of Adoption and Murder by Leslie Walker
HV6534 .A4 W35


Arcadia by Mark Lane
HV6534 .A6 L3


"Please . . . Don’t Kill Me:" The True Story of the Milo Murder by William C. Dear and Carlton Stowers
HV6534 .B34 E48


Bad Karma: A True Story of Obsession and Murder by Deborah Blum
HV6534 .B44 E48


Mississippi Mud: A True Story from a Corner of the Deep South by Edward Humes
HV6534 .B47 H85


Reasonable Doubt by Steve Vogel
HV6534 .B56 V64


Until Justice Rolls Down: The Birmingham Church Bombing Case by Frank Sikora
HV6534 .B55 S55


The Boston Stranglers: The Public Conviction of Albert DeSalvo and the True Story of Eleven Shocking Murders by Susan Kelly
HV6534 .B6 K45


The Stalking of Kristin: A Father Investigates the Murder of His Daughter by George Lardner Jr.
HV6534 .B6 L37


Deadly Greed: The Riveting True Story of the Stuart Murder Case That Rocked Boston and Shocked the Nation by Joe Sharkey
HV6534 .B6 S53


Preacher’s Girl: The Life and Crimes of Blanche Taylor Moore by Jim Schutze
HV6534 .B87 S38


A Death in Canaan by Joan Barthel
HV6534 .C28 B37


The Doctor, the Murder, the Mystery: The True Story of the Dr. John Branion Murder Case by Barbara D’Amato
HV6534 .C4 D35


Blind Justice: A Murder, a Scandal, and a Brother’s Search to Avenge His Sister’s Death
by Edie and Ray Gibson and Randall Turner
HV6534 .C4 G53


Shattered Hopes: A True Crime Story of Marriage, Murder, Corruption, and Cover-Up in the Suburbs by Barbara Schaaf
HV6534 .C4 S33


Ulterior Motives: The Killing and Dark Legacy of Tycoon Henry Kyle by Suzanne Finstad
HV6534 .D34 F56


"My Husband’s Trying to Kill Me!": A True Story of Money, Marriage, and Murderous Intent by Jim Schutze
HV6534 .D34 S38


Sins of the Father: The Landmark Franklin Case by Eileen Franklin and William Wright
HV6534 .F67 F73


Once Upon a Time: A True Story of Memory, Murder, and the Law by Harry N. MacLean HV6534 .F67 M33


The Gainesville Ripper: A Summer’s Madness, Five Young Victims &emdash; the Investigation, the Arrest and the Trial by Mary S. Ryzuk
HV6534 .G18 R9


Forever and Five Days by Lowell Cauffiel
HV6534 .G73 C39


Esther . . . Her Murder Haunts a Small Town in Oklahoma by Leonard Sanders
HV6534 .G75 S747


Unanswered Cries: A True Story of Friends, Neighbors, and Murder in a Small Town by Thomas French
HV6534 .G85 F74


Shattered Night by Kay Sandiford and Alan Burgess
HV6534 .H8 S26


Blood and Money by Thomas Thompson
HV6534 .H8 T48


In the Wake of Death: Surviving the Loss of a Child by Mark Cosman
HV6534 .L26 C67


Hot Toddy: The True Story of Hollywood’s Most Sensational Murder by Andy Edmonds
HV6534 .L7 T634


The Onion Field by Joseph Wambaugh
HV6534 .L7 W35


Winter of Frozen Dreams by Karl Harter
HV6534 .M22 H37


Convicting the Innocent: The Story of a Murder, a False Confession, and the Struggle to Free a "Wrong Man," ed. By Donald S. Connery
HV6534 .M26 C66


Blue Thunder: How the Mafia Owned and Finally Murdered Cigarette Boat King Don Aronow by Thomas Burdick and Charlene Mitchell
HV6534 .M6 B87


Brother Love: Murder, Money, and a Messiah by Sydney P. Freedberg
HV6534 .M6 F74


A Father’s Story by Lionel Dahmer
HV6534 .M65 D34


Dead Opposite: The Lives and Loss of Two American Boys by Sydney P. Freedberg
HV6534 .N4 D68


Blood Warning by John Dillman
HV6534 .N45 D54


The French Quarter Killers: The Story of the Protected Witness Murders by John Dillman HV6534 .N45 D55


Unholy Matrimony: A true Story of Murder and Obsession by John Dillman
HV6534 .N45 G543


Murder at the Met by David Black
HV6534 .N5 B56


For the Color of His Skin: The Murder of Yusuf Hawkins and the Trial of Bensonhurst
by John DeSantis
HV6534 .N5 D47


The CBS Murders by Richard Hammer
HV6534 .N5 H35

Incident at Howard Beach: The Case for Murder by Charles J. Hynes and Bob Drury
HV6534.N5 H96

Naked by the Window: The Fatal Marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta by Robert Katz
HV6534.N5 K37

To Honor and Obey by Lawrence Taylor
HV6534 .N5 N39


Marrying the Hangman: A True Story of Privilege, Marriage, and Murder by Sheila Weller
HV6534 .N52 W45


The Woodchipper Murder by Arthur Herzog
HV6534 .N57 H47


Drive-By by Gary Rivlin
HV6534 .O23 R59


Loud and Clear by Lake Headley and William Hoffman
HV6534 .P55 H43


Above Suspicion by Joe Sharkey
HV6534 .P58 S53


Human Harvest: The Sacramento Murder Story by Daniel J. Blackburn
HV6534 .S16 B57


Disturbed Ground: The True Story of a Diabolical Female Serial Killer by Carla Norton
HV6534 .S16 N67


The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders above the Golden Gate by Robert Graysmith
HV6534 .S3 G69


Death of a "Jewish American Princess": The True Story of a Victim on Trial by Shirley Frondorf
HV6534 .S48 F76


Judgment Day by Bob Lancaster and B.C. Hall
HV6534 .S55 L36


In Broad Daylight by Harry N. MacLean
HV6534 .S55 M33


Blind Faith by Joe McGinnis
HV6534 .T6 M35


Careless Whispers by Carlton Stowers
HV6534 .W28 S76


Beyond a Reasonable Doubt by Sandor Frankel
HV6534 .W3 F7


A Death in White Bear Lake: The True Chronicle of an All-American Town by Barry Siegel HV6534 .W57 S53


Murder at 75 Birch: A True Story of Family Betrayal by Richard T. Pienciak
HV6534 .W6 P54


Libby Holman: Body and Soul
by Hamilton Darby Perry HV6534 .W65 P47


Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? By James Leasor HV6535 .B3 L4


A Conspiracy of Crowns: The True Story of the Duke of Windsor and the Murder of Sir Harry Oakes by Alfred de Marigny with Mickey Herskowitz
HV6535 .B3 M37


Karla’s Web: A Cultural Investigation of the Mahaffy-French Murders by Frank Davey HV6535 .C32 O65


By Persons Unknown: The Strange Death of Christine Demeter by George Jones and Barbara Amiel
HV6535 .C33 M573


Trail of Havoc: In the Steps of Lord Lucan by Patrick Marnham
HV6535 .G6 L6546


Irresistible Impulse: A True Story of Blood and Money by Robert Lindsey
HV6535 .G42 E543


A Death in Kenya: The Murder of Julie Ward by Michael Hiltzik
HV6535 .K4 H55


Buried Secrets: A True Story of Serial Murder, Black Magic, and Drug-Running on the U.S. Border by Edward Humes
HV6535 .M43 M383


Sacrifice: A Father’s Determination to Turn Evil into Good by Jim Kilroy and Bob Stewart
HV6535 .M43 M384


Comrade Chikatilo: The Psychopathology of Russia’s Notorious Serial Killer by Michael Krivich and Ol’gert Ol’gin
HV6535 .R942 R675


Echoes in the Darkness by Joseph Wambaugh
HV6535 .U63 P488


In the Best of Families: The Anatomy of a True Tragedy by Dennis McDougal
HV6542 .M33

Compiled by Scot Allyn.  General Library, Adult Reader and Information Services, Boston Public Library, 1997.