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Critics' Favorites (and Ours)
Compiled by Reader and Information Services librarians

These authors, often praised by critics, fellow writers, and discerning readers, have sometimes been neglected by readers or publishers who haven’t re-printed their works.  Many are now enjoying new editions and renewed critical assessment.

Bachmann, Ingeborg
Bedford, Sybille
Bowen, Elizabeth
Boyd, William
Bradley, David
Brittain, Vera
Caldwell, Joseph
Caputo, Phillip
Cary, Joyce
Dos Passos, John
Durrell, Lawrence
Elkin, Stanley
Fuchs, Daniel
Gallant, Mavis
Grau, Shirley
Hawkes, John
Hobhouse, Janet
Manning, Olivia
Maso, Carole
McGahern, John
Munif, Abdelrahman
Percy, Walker
Powell, Dawn
Powers, J.F.
Powers, Richard
Renault, Mary
Rhys, Jean
Salter, James
Sciascia, Leonardo
Stead, Christina
Stern, Richard
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Peter
Templeton, Edith
Wescot, Glenway
White, Antonia
White, Patrick
Yates, Richard

R&I August 2005

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