Boston Public Library

American Printmaking Collection
Collections of the Print Department

3rd Floor, McKim Building, Central Library

Works of American printmaking include large collections of prints after Winslow Homer and Thomas Nast; large collections of the work of Whistler, Pennell, Hassam; the largest American collections of prints by Wengenroth, Nason, Heintzelman, Benson, Chamberlain, Higgins, Woodbury and Grassby; sizable holdings of the work of many other American printmakers, including Sloan, Marsh, Arms, Winkler, F. G. Hall and Asa Cheffetz; American posters of the Nineties by Penfield, Reed, Bradley, and others.

Pastoral Scene

Tranquility Thomas Nason, Wood Engraving, 1935

Cedar Tree

The Big Cedar, Easthampton  Childe Hassam, Etching 1929