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3rd Floor, McKim Building, Central Library

Print in exhibitLei-Sane Doo:
Mango Jam
Oil Monoprint and collagraph: carborundum, 1999.

The new exhibit Proof in Print highlights the work of some of Boston's most talented printmakers.

Proof in Print includes pieces by 76 artists and showcases Boston printmaking over the past two decades. The Artist's Proof Cooperative worked in Cambridge from 1980 to 1984 and inspired three active studios--Mixit Print Studio in Somerville, Hand Press in Somerville, and Artist Proof Studio in South Africa. Work from all four portfolios will be on display from February 8th through May 27th in the Wiggin Gallery in Copley Square.

There will be a symposium and publishing party in the Wiggin Gallery Boston Public Library, Copley Square. On Thursday, April 26th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

The symposium, A Community of Printmakers, will begin at 6 o'clock with a brief dialogue between Warrington Colescott and Frances Myers, internationally known printmakers and educators from the University of Wisconsin, followed by a presentation by Kim Berman, Director and Founder of Artist Proof Studio, South Africa.

The dialogue and talk will each be about twenty minutes in length.Peter Scott of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Jane Goldman, co-owner of Mixit Print Studio will introduce the speakers.


A view of a studio


Print in exhibit

Peter Haines:
Snakes and Birds
Two-plate intaglio: softground etch and spit bite-aquatint, 1999










Women making print

Proof in Print: A Community of Printmaking Studios

Artist's Proof Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mixit Print Studio Somerville, Massachusetts

Artist Proof Studio Johannesburg, South Africa

Hand Press Workshop Somerville, Massachusetts

The culmination of a project spanning five years, Proof in Print: A Community of Printmaking Studios, is a richly illustrated and informative book about a group of artists and their prints and printmaking studios. It includes biographical notes, artist’s statements, and essays on the workshops, along with a catalogue of the exhibition of the same title.

The book traces the relationship between three currently active studios and Artist’s Proof, a Cambridge, Massachusetts studio to which they can all trace their roots.

The book begins with an Introduction by Bernard Margolis, President of the Boston Public Library, and a "reminiscense" by Sinclair Hitchings, Keeper of Prints. Following are an essay by Dorothy Thompson, independent curator, and studio histories by the partners and founders of the four studios represented.

The bulk of the book functions as a fully illustrated catalogue for The Workshop Portfolios, a project of archival and newly printed work from the four studios. Ninety-six prints by seventy-six artists are reproduced in full color, each accompanied by a statement from the artist. Additional sections include checklists of the portfolios, biographical information, and an index.

The book has been designed by Paul Hoffman at The Stinehour Press and was printed at The Stinehour Press in Lunenberg, Vermont.

Proof in Print: A Community of Printmaking Studios can be purchased from the Boston Public Library at an Initial Release price of $ 25.00 for the softcover and $35.00 for the hardcover.

The book is for sale through the Boston Public Library's Business Office.   The Business Office is open 9-5, Monday through Friday.  You may visit the office to purchase or to order through the mail please contact:

Boston Public Library
Business Office
P. O. Box 280
Boston, MA 02117

Shipping is $2.50