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A to Z of Native American Women.
Social Sciences E98.W8S65 1998

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the 1960s Counterculture in America.
Social Sciences E169.02.H3515 1997

The ABC-CLIO Companion to American Reconstruction, 1862-1877.
Research Library Stacks E668.R53 1996

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Disability Rights Movement.
Social Sciences HV1553.O42 199

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Media in America
Research Library Stacks P92.U5H58 1995

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Native American Rights Movement.
Research Library Stacks KF8203.36.G76 1996

The ABC-CLIO World History Companion to Capitalism.
Research Library Stacks HC79.C3A45 1998

The Ad Men and Women.
Social Sciences HF5810.A2A3 1994

Africa South of the Sahara
Social Sciences DT351.A37

African American Biographies.
Social Sciences E185.96.H38

African American Generals and Flag Officers.
Social Sciences E181.H38 1993x

African American History in the Press, 1851-1899.
Research Library Stacks E185.2.A25 1996

African American Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5A344

African Authors.
Humanities PL8010.H39x

African Writers.
General Library Reference PL8010.A453 1996

The African-American Almanac.
Social Sciences E185.N385

African-American Orators.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.A447 1996

African-American Sports Greats.
Research Library Stacks GV697.A1F37 1995

Afro-American Artists.
Fine Arts N6538.N5C42

The Age of Maturity, 1929-1941
Research Library Stacks PS129.C66 1987

The ALA Yearbook.
Humanities Z673.A5A14

All Music Guide to the Blues.

All Music Guide to Country.

All Music Guide to Jazz.
Music ML156.4.J3A45 1996x

Allibone's Critical Dictionary of English Literature.
Research Library Stacks Z1224.A4317

The Almanac of American Politics.
Social Sciences JK271.B343

American Architects Directory.
Fine Arts NA53.A37

American Artists.
Fine Arts N6512.A578 1985

American Authors, 1600-1900.
Research Library Stacks PS21.K8

The American Bench.
Government Information KF8700.A19A47

American Biographies.
Research Library Stacks CT213.P7 1940

The American Catholic Who's Who.
Research Library Stacks E184.C3A6

American Composers.
Music ML390.E815

American Cultural Leaders.
Fine Arts NX503.A49 1993

American Decades.
Social Sciences E169.12.A419

American Economic Association, Directory of Members, 1974.
Research Library Stacks 9330.573A42 (published as v. 64, #5, Oct. 1974 issue of American Economic Review)

American Film Directors.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.P7H57

American Folk Painters of Three Centuries.
Fine Arts ND205.5.P74A43

American Graphic Designers.
Fine Arts NC998.5.A1S5 1984

American Justice.
General Library Reference KF154.A44 1996

American Legislative Leaders, 1850-1910.
Social Sciences E663.R57 1989

The American Literary Yearbook.
Research Library Stacks 2396.174

American Men & Women of Science.
Science Q141.A474

American National Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.A68 1999

American Nature Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS163.A6 1996

American Novelists of Today.
Research Library Stacks PS379.W3

American Orators before 1900.
Research Library Stacks PN4055.U5A4 1987

American Orators of the Twentieth Century.
Research Library Stacks PN193.P6A44 1987

American Peace Writers, Editors, and Periodicals.
Research Library Stacks JX1962.A2R63 1991

American Political Leaders.
Research Library Stacks E176.O27 1991

American Political Women.
Research Library Stacks HQ1236.S74

American Popular Songs.
Music ML128.N3E9

American Reform and Reformers.
Social Sciences HQ1412.A46 1996

The American Revolution, 1775-1783.
Social Sciences E208.A433 1993

American Social Leaders.
Social Sciences HN65.M38 1993

American Songwriters.
Music ML390.E825 1987

American Women.
Research Library Stacks CT3260.A473

American Women Dramatists of the Twentieth Century.
Humanities Z1231.O7C68 1982

American Women Fiction Writers 1900-1960.
Jordan Collection PS374.W6A455 1997

American Women Historians, 1700s-1990s.
Research Library Stacks E175.45.S27 1996

American Women Managers and Administrators.
Research Library Stacks HC102.5.A2L37 1986

American Women Playwrights, 1900-1930.
Humanities Z1231.D7B95 1992

American Women in Science.
Science Q141.B254 1998

American Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS647.W6B37 1992

American Writers.
Humanities PS129.A55

American Writers before 1800.
Humanities PS185.A4 1983

Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome.
Humanities PA3002.A5 1982

The Annual Obituary.
Research Library Stacks CT120.A56

Anthology of Children's Literature.
Jordan Collection PN6110.C4J64 1970

Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1926 and Yearbook of American Poetry.
Research Library Stacks PN6099.6.A57

The Antique Buyer's Dictionary of Names.
Fine Arts N40.C67

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.A66

Arizona in Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS571.A6B6

Art Directors in Cinema.

Art in Latin America.
Fine Arts N6502.A3 1989

Articles on Women Writers.
Humanities Z2013.5.W6S37

Artists of the American West.
Fine Arts N6536.D38

Artists of Early Michigan.
Fine Arts N6530.M5652

Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works.
Fine Arts N40.W5

The ASCAP Biographical Dictionary.
Music Ml106.U3A5 1980

The Asian American Almanac.
Social Sciences E184.O6A824 1995

Asian American Literature.
Humanities PS153.A84A82 1999

Asian-American Women Writers.
Jordan Collection PS153.A84A83 1997

Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.
Science Q125.A765 1994

Association of Executive Recruiting Consultants, 1980 Directory.

The Astrology Encyclopedia.
Humanities BF1655.L485 1994

Atlantic Brief Lives.
Fine Arts NX90.A73 1971

Australian Literary Criticism: 1945-1988.
Research Library Stacks Z4024.C8R67 1989x

Australian Women Writers.

The Author Speaks.

Authors & Artists for Young Adults.

Authors of Books for Young People.
Humanities PN452.W35

Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books.
Fine Arts PN1009.A1H58

Authors in the News.
Research Library Stacks CT220.A88

The Author's and Writer's Who's Who.
Humanities Z2011.A91

Automotive News.
Research Library Stacks HD9710.A1A784 (Market Data Book issue)

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians.
Music ML105.B16 1992

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Classical Musicians.

Baker's Dictionary of Music.

The Ballplayers.
Social Sciences GV685.A1B323 1990

Basketball Biographies.
Social Sciences GV884.A1T37 1991

Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia.
Humanities PN41.B4

Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature.
Humanities PN52.B4

The Best Musicals.
Music ML1950.J22


Bibliography of American Literature.
Humanities Z1225.B55

The Bibliophile Dictionary.

Bibliotheca Canadensis.
Research Library Stacks Z1374.M6 1968

The Big Bands.
Music ML3518.S55 1981

The Big Book of Country Music.
Music ML102.C7C28 1995

The Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock.

A Bio-Bibliography of German-American Writers, 1670-1970.
Research Library Stacks Z1229.G3W35

A Biobibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1924.
Research Library Stacks Z1209.2.U5L57

Research Library Stacks QH541.15.B56B435 1998

Biographia Britannica Literaria: Anglo-Norman Period.
Research Library Stacks Z2012.W95 (2 volumes)

Biographical Annals of the Civil Government of the United States.
Research Library Stacks 4251.57 (2nd edition, 4251.57R)

Biographical Companion to Literature in English.
Research Library Stacks PR106.K35 1997

The Biographical Cyclopaedia of American Women.
Research Library Stacks CT3260.B5

Biographical Dictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians.
Music ML105.S67 1982

Biographical Dictionary of American Architects, Deceased.
Fine Arts NA736.W5 1996

Biographical Dictionary of American Business Leaders.
Social Sciences HC102.5.A2I53 1983

Biographical Dictionary of American and Canadian Naturalists and Environmentalists

Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sect Leaders.
Humanities BL2525.M448 1986

Biographical Dictionary of American Educators.
Social Sciences LA2311.B54

Biographical Dictionary of American Journalism.
Humanities PN4871.B56 1989

Biographical Dictionary of American Labor.
Social Sciences HD8073.A1B56 1984

Biographical Dictionary of American Labor Leaders.
Research Library Stacks HD8073.A1F56

Biographical Dictionary of the American Left.
Social Sciences HX84.A2B56 1986

Biographical Dictionary of American Music.
Music ML106.U3C6

Biographical Dictionary of American Newspaper Columnists.
Humanities PN4871.B57 1995

Biographical Dictionary of American Science.
Research Library Stacks Q141.E37

Biographical Dictionary of American Sports.
Social Sciences (Each sport under a different call number)

A Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600-1840.
Fine Arts NA996.C6

The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists.
Research Library Stacks HQ1593.A3B36 1990

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions.
Research Library Stacks BV3700.B56 1997

Biographical Dictionary of the Confederacy.
Social Sciences E467.W2

Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Catholic American Writing.
Humanities PS153.C3B5 1989

Biographical Dictionary of Dance.
Music GV1785.A1C58 1982

A Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers, 1580-1720.
Research Library Stacks PR113.B46 1990

Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right since 1890.
Social Sciences D412.6.R39 1990x

Biographical Dictionary of the Federal Judiciary.
Social Sciences KF353.B5

A Biographical Dictionary of Film.
Humanities PN1998.2.T49 1994

Biographical Dictionary of French Political Leaders since 1870.
Research Library Stacks DC342.B56 1996

The Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Americans.

Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Literature in the United States.
Humanities PQ7420.2.K3 1989

Biographical Dictionary of Internationalists.
Research Library Stacks JC361.K79 1983

A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers.
Research Library Stacks PR8727.B5 1985b

Biographical Dictionary of Japanese Literature.
Humanities PL723.B5

Biographical Dictionary of Jazz.
Music ML390.C59 1982

Biographical Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Political Leaders.
Research Library Stacks F1414.2.B48 1988

A Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and
Biographical Dictionary of Marxism.
Research Library Stacks HX23.B568 1986

Biographical Dictionary of Modern American Educators.
Social Sciences LA2311.O55 1997

A Biographical Dictionary of Modern European Radicals and Socialists.
Research Library Stacks HN380.Z9432 1988

Biographical Dictionary of Modern Peace Leaders.
Social Sciences JX1962.A2B56 1985x

Biographical Dictionary of Neo-Marxism.
Social Sciences HX23.B57 1987

Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology, 1964-1966.

Biographical Dictionary of Professional Wrestling.
Social Sciences GV1196.A1L45 1997

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology.
Humanities BF109.A1B56 1997

A Biographical Dictionary of Renaissance Poets and Dramatists, 1520-1650.
Research Library Stacks PR421.S33 1983

A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.
Fine Arts NC961.6.W45 1988

Biographical Dictionary of Social Welfare in America.
Research Library Stacks HV2.B57 1986

Biographical Dictionary of Southern Authors.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Soviet Union, 1917-1988.
Social Sciences CT1213.V76 1989x

Biographical Dictionary and Synopsis of Books Ancient and Modern.

Biographical Dictionary of Transcendentalism.
Research Library Stacks B905.B56 1996

A Biographical Dictionary of Women Artists in Europe and America since 1850.
Fine Arts N6757.D85 1989x

The Biographical Dictionary of World War II Generals and Flag Officers.
Research Library Stacks D736.A63 1996

Biographical Directory of the American College of Physicians.
Research Library Stacks R712.A1J36

Biographical Directory of American Colonial and Revolutionary Governors,
Social Sciences E187.5.R34

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1971.
Social Sciences JK1010.A5 1997

Biographical Directory of the American Public Health Association.

Biographical Directory of American Territorial Governors.
Social Sciences E176.M17 1984

Biographical Directory: Fellows and Members of the American Psychiatric Association
Research Library Stacks RC326.A56

Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States.
Social Sciences JK2447.M86 1994

A Biographical Directory of Librarians in the United States and Canada.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-1989.
Government Information Y1.1/3:100-34

Biographical Directory of the United States Executive Branch.
Social Sciences E176.B578

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists.
Science Q141.B53

The Biographical Encyclopaedia and Who's Who of the American Theatre.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.R5

A Biographical Handbook of Hispanics and United States Film.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.H47K46 1997

A Biographical History of Medicine.
Research Library Stacks R134.T35

Biographical Index to American Science.
Science Q141.B533 1990

Biographies of American Women.
Social Sciences Z7963.B6S88 1990

Biography Index.
Humanities Z5301.B55

Biography News.

Black American Playwrights, 1800 to the Present.
Research Library Stacks Z1229.N39A7

Black American Women in Olympic Track and Field.

Black American Writers.

Black American Writers Past and Present.
Research Library Stacks Z1229N39R87

Black Americans in Congress, 1870-1989.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.R25 1990

Black Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books.
Research Library Stacks Z1037/R63 1992

The Black Composer Speaks.
Music ML390.B64

Black Conductors.
Music ML402.H36 1995x

Black Congressional Reconstruction Orators and Their Orations, 1869-1879.
Research Library Stacks E185.2.B52

Black Literature Criticism.
Humanities PS153.N5B556

Black Mathematicians and Their Works.
Science QA28.B58

Black Olympian Medalists.
Social Sciences GV697.A1P284 1991

Black Women in America.
Social Sciences E185.86.B542 1993

Black Women in American Bands and Orchestras.
Music ML82.H36

Black Women Writers (1950-1980).
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5B558

Black Writers.
Humanities E185.96.B545 1989

Black Writers in New England.
Humanities Z1229.N39C57 1985

Blacks in American Films and Television.
Humanities PN1995.9.N4B58 1988

Blacks in Black & White.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.N4S2 1995x

Blacks in Blackface.
Music ML1711.S25

Blacks in Communications.
Research Library Stacks E185.82.S7

Blacks in Opera.
Music ML102.O6S6 1995

Blacks in Science and Medicine.
Science Q141.B58 1990x

The Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment.
Research Library Stacks CB411.B57 1991

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the American Revolution.
Social Sciences E208.B635 1991

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Russian Revolution.

The Bloomsbury Guide to English Literature.
Humanities PR19.B5 1990

The Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature.

The Blue Book.
Research Library Stacks CT120.B55

Blues Who's Who.
Music ML102.B6H3

The Book of Catholic Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS153.C3B6

A Book of Children's Literature.
Research Library Stacks PZ5.H736Bo3

Book Illustrators in Eighteenth-Century England.
Fine Arts NC978.H28

Books Are by People.
Research Library Stacks PN452.H65

The Boxing Register.
Social Sciences GV1137.463 1997

Brilliant Bylines.
Research Library Stacks PN4872.B45 1986

Britannica Book of Music.
Music ML100.B848

The Britannica Encyclopedia of American Art.
Fine Arts N6505.B7

British and American Sporting Authors: Their Writings and Biographies.
Research Library Stacks Z7511.H55

British Authors before 1800.
Research Library Stacks PR105.K9

British Playwrights, 1880-1956.
Research Library Stacks PR736.B7 1996

British Writers.
Humanities PR85.B688

Broadening Views, 1968-1988.

Broadside Authors and Artists.
Research Library Stacks Z1229.N39B34

Bud Collins' Modern Encyclopedia of Tennis.
Research Library Stacks GV993.B78 1994x (Latest edition in Social Sciences)

Business People in the News.
Research Library Stacks HC102.5.A2B83

The Cabinetmakers of America.
Fine Arts NK2406.B55 1978x

Caldecott Medal Books: 1938-1957.
Jordan Collection Z1035.A2M49

The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia.
Social Sciences CT 103.C26 1998

The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.C36 1995

The Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists.
Science Q141.C128 1996

The Cambridge Guide to English Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR85.C28 1983

The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English.
Research Library Stacks PR85.C29 1988

The Cambridge Guide to World Theatre.
Research Library Stacks PN2035.C27 1988

The Cambridge Handbook of American Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS21.C36 1986

Canada Writes!

Canada's Playwrights: A Biographical Guide.

Canadian Novelists, 1920-1945.
Research Library Stacks Z1377.F4T5

Canadian Who's Who.
Social Sciences F1033.C23

Canadian Writers.
Humanities PR9186.2.C34 1988

Caribbean Women Writers.
Jordan Collection PR9205.05.C37 1997

Caribbean Writers.
Humanities PN849.C3C3

The Carolyn Sherwin Bailey Historical Collection of Children's Books.
Jordan Collection Z1037.C755

Cassell's Encyclopaedia of World Literature.
Humanities PN41.C3 1973

Catholic Authors.
Humanities PN485.H6

Celebrities of the Century.
Research Library Stacks 2243.74

Celebrity Register.
Social Sciences CT220.E27 1990x


A Century of Ceramics in the United States, 1878-1978.
Fine Arts NK4007.C56 1979

Chambers Biographical Dictionary.
Social Sciences CT103.C4 1997x

Chambers's Cyclopaedia of English Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR83.C4 1927

Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide.
Humanities PS153.M4C46 1985x

Chicano Scholars and Writers.
Research Library Stacks E184.M5M385

Childhood in Poetry.
Research Library Stacks Z1038.T34S48

Children's Book Illustration and Design.
Fine Arts NC965.C43 1991

Children's Books and Their Creators.
Research Library Stacks Z1037.C5424 1995

Children's Fiction Sourcebook.
Research Library Stacks Z1037.H647 1995

Children's Literature Review.
Research Library Stacks PN1009.A1C5139

The Children's Poets.
Research Library Stacks PN508.C6B3

The Child's First Books.
Research Library Stacks Z1023.M25

Civil Rights: A Current Guide to the People, Organizations, and Events.
Research Library Stacks JC599.U5A3468

The Civil Rights Struggle: Leaders in Profile.

The Civil War Dictionary.
Social Sciences E468.B7 1988

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism.
Humanities PN681.5.C57

The Classified Directory of Artists' Signatures, Symbols, & Monograms.
Fine Arts N45.C36 1976b

The Cold War, 1945-1991.
Social Sciences D839.5.C65 1992

The Cold War Reference Guide.
Research Library Stacks D843.S3365 1997

Colonization to the American Renaissance, 1640-1865.
Research Library Stacks PS129.C66 1987 (Vol. 1 of Concise Dictionary of American Literary Biography)

Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature.
Humanities PN771.C575 1980

Comedy Stars at 78 RPM.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.S546 1998

Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff, 1775-1991.
Government Information D114.2:G28/775-91

A Companion to California.
Social Sciences F859.H33 1987

Companion to the French Revolution.
Research Library Stacks DC147.P38 1988

A Companion to the Medieval Theatre.
Research Library Stacks PN2152.C66 1989

A Companion to the Movies: From 1903 to the Present Day.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.45.P48

A Companion to the Opera.
Music ML102.O6M37

Companion to Scottish Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR8506.R69 1983

The Complete Book of Classical Music.
Music MT6.E89 1965

The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz, 1900-1950.
Music ML102.P66K55

The Complete Guide to Modern Dance.
Research Library Stacks GV1783.M26

Completely Queer.
Social Sciences HQ75.H63 1998

Composers since 1900.
Music ML390.E833

Composium Directory of New Music.
Music ML118.D57

Concise Dictionary of American Literature
Research Library Stacks PS21.R5

Concise Dictionary of British Literary Biography.
Research Library Stacks PR19.C64 1991 (8 volumes)

The Concise Encyclopedia of English and American Poets and Poetry.
Research Library Stacks PR19.S6

The Concise Encyclopedia of Modern Drama.
Research Library Stacks PN1861.M4

The Concise Encyclopedia of Modern World Literature.
Research Library Stacks PN1771.C58 1970

A Concise Encyclopedia of the Theatre.

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet
Music GV1585.K6313 1982

Conductors and Composers of Popular Orchestral Music.
Music ML105.M92 1998

Congressional Directory.
Government Information GP3.22/2:108/9

Contemporary American Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS221.M5

Contemporary American Business Leaders.
Social Sciences HC102.5.A2I534 1990

Contemporary American Composers.
Music ML390.A54x

Contemporary American Dramatists.
Humanities PS352.C65 1994

Contemporary American Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS221.M3 1929

Contemporary American Theater Critics.
Research Library Stacks PN1707.9.C6

Contemporary American Women Sculptors.
Fine Arts NB212.W37 1986

Contemporary Architects.
Fine Arts NA680.C625

Contemporary Artists.
Fine Arts N6490.C6567 1995b

Contemporary Authors.
Humanities Z1010.C65

Contemporary Black American Playwrights and Their Plays.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5P43 1988

Contemporary Black Biography.
Social Sciences DT18.C66

Contemporary British Artists.
Fine Arts N6768.C63 1979bx

Contemporary British Dramatists.
Research Library Stacks PR736.C577 1994

Contemporary Canadian Authors.
Humanities PR9189.6.C66

Contemporary Composers.
Music ML390.M677 1992x

Contemporary Designers.
Fine Arts NK1166.C66

Contemporary Dramatists.
Research Library Stacks PR737.C57

Contemporary Entrepreneurs.
Social Sciences HC102.5.A2C66 1992x

Contemporary Fashion.
Social Sciences TT505.A1C66 1995

Contemporary Foreign Language Writers.
Humanities PN771.C585 1984

Contemporary Gay American Novelists.
Research Library Stacks PS374.N63C66 1993

Contemporary Graphic Artists.
Fine Arts NC999.2.C66x

Contemporary Heroes and Heroines.
Research Library Stacks CT105.C66 1990x

Contemporary Illustrators of Children's Books.
Fine Arts NC965.M3

Contemporary Issues Criticism.
Social Sciences H31.C755 1982

Contemporary Literary Criticism.
Humanities PN771.C59

Contemporary Literary Critics.
Research Library Stacks CS78.B56

Contemporary Music Almanac, 1980/81.

Contemporary Musicians.
Music ML385.C615

Contemporary Newsmakers.
Social Sciences CT120.C663

Contemporary Novelists.
Humanities PR881.C69 1996

Contemporary Photographers.
Fine Arts TR139.C66 1982 TR139.C663 1988 TR139.C664 1995

Contemporary Poets.
Humanities PR603.C6 1995

Contemporary Popular Writers.
Research Library Stacks PR478.P66C66 1996

Contemporary Science Fiction Authors.
Research Library Stacks Z1231.F4R43 1975

Contemporary Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poetry.
Research Library Stacks Z1231.Q7G74 1989

Contemporary Southern Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS261.C569 1999

Contemporary Spanish American Poets.
Research Library Stacks Z1609.P6S4 1992

Contemporary Spanish-Speaking Writers and Illustrators for Children 
Research Library Stacks PQ7082.C48C66

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television.
Humanities PN2285.C58x

Contemporary Turkish Writers.
Research Library Stacks PL213.M46

Contemporary Women Artists.
Fine Arts N72.F45B43 1988

Contemporary Women Dramatists.
Research Library Stacks PR736.C58 1994

Contemporary Women Poets.
Research Library Stacks PS151.C67 1998

Contemporary Women Writers of Spain.
Research Library Stacks PQ6055.P4 1988

Contemporary World Writers.
Research Library Stacks PN51.C6235 1993

The Continuum Dictionary of Women's Biography.
Research Library Stacks CT3202.C66 1989

Music ML395.C66 (Conversations with Jazz Musicians)

Cops, Crooks, and Criminologists.
Social Sciences HV7911.A1A94 1996

Corpus Delicti of Mystery Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PR830.D4H4

The Country Music Encyclopedia.
Music ML102.C7S5

Creative Canada.
Fine Arts NX513.A1C7

Crime and the Justice System in America.
Social Sciences HV6789.C6884 1997

Critical Survey of Drama.
Humanities PR623.C75 1985

Critical Survey of Mystery and Detective Fiction.

The Critical Temper.
Humanities PR85.C764

Crowell's Handbook of Contemporary American Poetry.
Research Library Stacks PS323.5.M3

Crowell's Handbook of Contemporary Drama.
Research Library Stacks PN1861.A52

Crowell's Handbook of Elizabethan & Stuart Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR19.R8 1975

Cuban Exile Writers.
Research Library Stacks Z1520.M37 1986

The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball.
Social Sciences GV862.3.L54 1997

Current Biography Yearbook.
Social Sciences CT100.C85

Cyclopedia of American Government.
Research Library Stacks JK9.C9 1914x

Cyclopaedia of American Literature.
Research Library Stacks 2391.50

A Cyclopedia of Education.
Social Sciences LB15.M6

Cyclopedia of World Authors.
Research Library Stacks PN451.C93 1989

The Dance Encyclopedia.
Research Library Stacks GV1585.C5

Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences.
Research Library Stacks HV2372.L36 1995

Detecting Women 2.
Research Library Stacks PS648.D4H457

Dictators and Tyrants.
Social Sciences D107.A84 1995

Dictionary of African Historical Biography.
Research Library Stacks DT352.6.L56 1986x

Dictionary of Afro-American Performers.
Music ML106.U3T87 1990

Dictionary of Afro-Latin American Civilization.
Research Library Stacks F1408.3.N86

Dictionary of American Antiquarian Bookdealers.
Humanities Z479.D53 1998

Dictionary of American Art.
Fine Arts N6505.B34 1979

A Dictionary of American Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS21.W43 1996b

Dictionary of American Biography.
Social Sciences E176.D563

Dictionary of American Book Collectors.
Humanities Z989.A1D53

Dictionary of American Children's Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PS374.C454H45 1993

Dictionary of American Conservatism.
Research Library Stacks JA84.U5F55 1987

Dictionary of American Diplomatic History.
Social Sciences E183.7.F5 1989

Dictionary of American Immigration History.
Social Sciences JV6450.D53 1990

Dictionary of American Library Biography.
Research Library Stacks Z720.A4D5

Dictionary of American Medical Biography.
Research Library Stacks 3731.79 or R153.D43 1984x

Dictionary of American Military Biography.
Social Sciences U52.D53 1984

Dictionary of American Negro Biography.
Social Sciences E185.96.L6 1982

Dictionary of American Religious Biography.
Research Library Stacks BL72.B68

A Dictionary of American Social Reform.
Research Library Stacks H41.F5

Dictionary of American Temperance Biography.
Research Library Stacks HV5292.8.L46 1984

Dictionary of the Arts.
Fine Arts NX80.D53 1994

A Dictionary of Biographies of Authors Represented in the Authors Digest

A Dictionary of Biography, Past and Present.

Dictionary of Brazilian Literature.
Research Library Stacks PQ9506.D53 1988

A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers, 1660-1800.
Humanities PR113.D5 1985

Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950.
Fine Arts N6768.W26

The Dictionary of British Book Illustrators and Caricaturists, 1800-1914.
Fine Arts NC978.H65 1981

The Dictionary of British Eighteenth Century Painters in Oils and Crayons
Fine Arts N6766.W29

The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists up to 1920.
Fine Arts ND1928.M27

Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
Social Sciences F1005.D49

Dictionary of Catholic Biography.
Research Library Stacks BX4651.2.D4

Dictionary of Children's Fiction from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Selected African Countries.
Jordan Collection PR9084.H45 1992

The Dictionary of Composers.
Music ML113.G4 1986x (This entry includes both The Dictionary of Composers and The Dictionary of Composers and their Music. This call number is for the latter.)

Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists.
Fine Arts N6536.C8

Dictionary of Contemporary Artists.
Fine Arts N6490.D49

A Dictionary of Contemporary Latin American Authors.
Research Library Stacks PQ7081.3.F6

Dictionary of Contemporary Music.
Music ML100V55

The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Central America and the Caribbean.
Social Sciences F2183.G86 1991

The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of South America.
Research Library Stacks JL1851.A25G86 1989

The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Southern Africa.
Research Library Stacks JQ2720.A127W55 1989

Dictionary of Design & Decoration.

Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement.
Humanities BX6.3.D53 1991

A Dictionary of English Authors, Biographical and Bibliographical.
Humanities Z2010.S53 1904 (rev. ed. Z2010.S53 1972)

Dictionary of English Literature.
Humanities PR19.A38 1966

A Dictionary of European Literature.
Humanities PN41.M3 1927

Dictionary of Film Makers.
Humanities PN1993.45.S313

Dictionary of Heresy Trials in American Christianity.
Research Library Stacks BR517.D5 1997

Dictionary of Hispanic Biography.
Social Sciences CT1343.D53 1996

Dictionary of Indian Biography.
Research Library Stacks DS434.B8 1968

Dictionary of Inventions & Discoveries.
Research Library Stacks T9.C335 1974

A Dictionary of Irish Biography.
Social Sciences CT862.B69 1998x

Dictionary of Irish Literature.
Humanities PR8706.D5 1996

Dictionary of Irish Writers.
Research Library Stacks PR8727.C5

Dictionary of Italian Literature.
Humanities PQ4006.D45 1996

Dictionary of Literary Biography.
Humanities PS221.D5

Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms.
Humanities Z1041.A84 1977
Research Library Stacks Z1065.A83 1987

A Dictionary of Literature in the English Language.
Research Library Stacks Z2010.M9

Dictionary of Mexican Literature.
Humanities PQ7106.D53 1992

Dictionary of Mexican Rulers, 1325-1997.
Research Library Stacks F1205.V34 1997

Dictionary of the Middle East.
Social Sciences DS43.H57 1986

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia.
Research Library Stacks DS525.7.L45 1995

The Dictionary of National Biography.
Social Sciences DA28.D4

Dictionary of Native American Literature.
Humanities PM155.D53 1994

Dictionary of Ninteenth Century Antiques and Later Objets d'Art.
Fine Arts NK775.S28

A Dictionary of North American Authors Deceased before 1950.
Humanities PS128.W3

Dictionary of North Carolina Biography.
Research Library Stacks CT252.D5

Dictionary of Oriental Literatures.
Research Library Stacks PJ31.D5 1974

A Dictionary of Politics.
Research Library Stacks D419.L36 1973

Dictionary of Pseudonyms.
Humanities Z1041.R66 1998

Dictionary of Puppetry.
Humanities PN1972.P47 1969

Dictionary of Russian Literature.
Humanities PG2940.H3

Dictionary of Russian Literature since 1917.
Humanities Z2500.K3513 1988

Dictionary of Scandinavian Literature.
Humanities PT7063.D5 1990

Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
Science Q141.D5

Dictionary of Sea Painters.
Fine Arts ND1374.A72

A Dictionary of Sociology.
Research Library Stacks HM17.M56 1968

Dictionary of Spanish Literature.
Humanities PQ6006.N4

A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art.
Fine Arts N6490.C5317 1998

Dictionary of Twentieth Century British Business Leaders.

A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Composers, 1911-1971.
Music ML118.T5 1973b

Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Cuban Literature.
Research Library Stacks PQ7378.D53 1990

Dictionary of Twentieth Century Culture.
Volumes in this set are catalogued individually.

Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Design.
Fine Arts NK1390.P53 1990

Dictionary of Twentieth-Century History, 1914-1990.
Social Sciences D419.B76 1990

Dictionary of Victorian Painters.
Fine Arts ND467.W65 1978bx

Dictionary of Women Artists.
Fine Arts N43.P47 1985

A Directory of American Fiction Writers.
Humanities PS129.P6

A Directory of American Poets.
Humanities PS129.P6

A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers.
Humanities PS129.P6

Directory of American Scholars.
Humanities LA2311.C32 (vols. 2-4)
Social Sciences LA2311.C32 (vols. 1, 5)

Directory of Blacks in the Performing Arts.
Humanities PN1590.B53M3 1990

Directory of Canadian Plays and Playwrights.

Directory of Eastern European Film-Makers and Films, 1945-1991.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.2..D55 1992

Directory of Indian Film-Makers and Films.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.2.N37 1994

The Directory of Infamy.
Social Sciences HV6245.G69

Directory of Library Consultants.
Research Library Stacks Z681.5.B46

Directory of Registered Lobbyists and Lobbyist Legislation.

Disease and Destiny.
Research Library Stacks Z6664.A1G5

Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century.
Science Q141.D535 1996

Divining the Future.

Drake's Dictionary of American Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.D72

Drama Criticism.
Humanities PN1601.D59

Dream Makers.
Research Library Stacks PS374.S35P55

Dun & Bradstreet Reference Book of Corporate Managements.
Social Sciences HD2745.D85

Dutch Art.
Fine Arts N6941.D88 1997

Early American Book Illustrators and Wood Engravers, 1670-1870.
Print Z1023.P9 1968

Early Black American Playwrights and Dramatic Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5P44

The Ebony Success Library.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.O93 1973 (vol. 1: 1000 Successful Blacks)
Research Library Stacks E185.96.F23 1973 (vol. 2: Famous Blacks Give Secrets of Success)
Research Library Stacks E185.96.C36 1973 (vol. 3: Career Guide)

Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights.
Social Sciences E185.61.E54 1992

The Encyclopedia of Amazons.
General Library HQ1115.S25

Encyclopedia of American Agricultural History.
Research Library Stacks S441.S36

Encyclopedia of American Architecture.
Fine Arts NA705.H86 1980/NA705.P3 1995x

Encyclopedia of American Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography.
Social Sciences HD2785.E89

The Encyclopedia of American Comics.
Research Library Stacks PN6725.E64 1990

Encyclopedia of American Film Comedy.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.C55L34 1987

Encyclopedia of American Humorists.
Research Library Stacks PS430.E53 1988

Encyclopedia of American Indian Wars, 1492-1890.
Social Sciences E81.K44 1997

The Encyclopedia of American Intelligence and Espionage.
Science UB271.U5O85 1988

The Encyclopedia of American Journalism.
Humanities PN4855.P26

Encyclopedia of the American Left.
Social Sciences HX86.E58 1990

Encyclopedia of American Political Reform.
Research Library Stacks E839.5.C57 1996

The Encyclopedia of American Religious History.
Humanities BL2525.Q44 1995

Encyclopedia of the American Revolution.
Research Library Stacks E208.B68

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers.
Fine Arts NK7112.R3 1975

Encyclopedia of Apocalyptic Literature.
Research Library Stacks PN56.A69Z56 1996

Encyclopedia of British Women Writers.
Humanities PR111.S34 1988

Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment.
Social Sciences HV8694.G76 1998

Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy.
Humanities B163.E53 1997x

Encyclopedia of the Cold War.
Social Sciences D843.A668 1994

The Encyclopedia of Colonial and Revolutionary America.
Social Sciences E188.E63 1990x

Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers.
Humanities PN481.E5 1991

The Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders.
Research Library Stacks RF290.T93 1992

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity.
Humanities BR162.2.E53

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment.
Research Library Stacks B802.353 1996

The Encyclopedia of the Environment.
Science GE10.E53 1994

Encyclopedia of Espionage.
Research Library Stacks UB270.S4385 1975

Encyclopedia of Ethics.
Humanities BJ63.E45 1992

Encyclopedia of European Cinema.
Humanities PN1993.5.E8V56 1995

The Encyclopaedia of Fashion.
Fine Arts GT507.O53 1986

The Encyclopedia of Figure Skating.
Social Sciences GV849.M34 1998

The Encyclopedia of Folk, Country & Western Music.
Music ML102.F66S7 1983

Encyclopedia of Folklore and Literature.
Humanities PN41.E48 1998

Encyclopedia of Frontier Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS169.F7S65 1997

Encyclopedia of Frontier and Western Fiction.
Humanities PS374.W4E53 1983

Encyclopedia of German Resistance to the Nazi Movement.
Research Library Stacks DD256.5.L51313 1997x

An Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology.
Research Library Stacks DE5.E5 1996

Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory.
Social Sciences GN281.E53 1988

Encyclopedia of Japan.
Social Sciences DS805.P47 1990

The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Seventies.
Music ML105.F36

Encyclopedia of Latin America.
Research Library Stacks F1406.E52

Encyclopedia of Literary Epics.
Research Library Stacks PN56.E65J33 1996b

Encyclopedia of the McCarthy Era.
Research Library Stacks E743.5.K57 1996

Encyclopedia of Modern Architecture.
Fine Arts NA680.E5

The Encyclopedia of Motorcycling.
Research Library Stacks GV1060.B55 1980

Encyclopaedia of the Musical Theatre.
Music ML102.M88G3 1994

Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection.
Humanities P96.D4E5 1976

The Encyclopedia of Native American Biography.
Social Sciences E89.J69 1997

The Encyclopedia of Native American Religions.
Social Sciences E98.R3H73 1992x

An Encyclopedia of Naval History.
Social Sciences V27.B86 1998x

Encyclopedia of North American Indians.
Social Sciences E76.2.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology.
Humanities BF1407.E54

The Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Psychical Research.
Humanities BF1025.B47 1991

Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War.
Research Library Stacks DS79.72.S39 1998

The Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock & Soul.
Music ML102.P66S8 1989

The Encyclopedia of Revolutions and Revolutionaries.
Social Sciences D21.3.E33 1996

Encyclopedia of Rock.
Music ML102.P66E55 1988x

Encyclopedia of Rock Stars.
Music ML102.R6R44 1996x

The Encyclopedia of Schizophrenia and the Psychotic Disorders.
Research Library Stacks RC514.N63 1991

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
Humanities PN3433.4.E53 1993

Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa.
Social Sciences DT729.R65 1973

Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists.
Humanities BX6211.E5

The Encyclopedia of Southern History.
Research Library Stacks F207.7.E52

Encyclopedia of Southern Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS261.S515 1997

Encyclopedia of Strange and Unexplained Physical Phenomena.
Science Q173.C554 1993

Encyclopedia of Student and Youth Movements.
Social Sciences LA186.B87 1998

Encyclopedia of the Third Reich.
Social Sciences DD256.5.G76313 1991

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Journalists.
Humanities PN4871.T34 1986

The Encyclopedia of Unbelief.
Humanities BL2705.E53 1985

Encyclopedia of Urban Planning.
Social Sciences HT166.E5

Encyclopedia of Vaudeville.
Humanities PN1968.U5S37 1994

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War.
Social Sciences DS557.7.E53 1998

Encyclopedia of the War of 1812.
Social Sciences E354.H46 1997

The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft.
Humanities BF1566.G85 1999

Encyclopedia of Women and Sport in America.
Social Sciences GV709.E53 1998

Encyclopedia of Women and Sports.
Social Sciences GV709.S44 1996

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion.
Humanities BL458.E53 1999

The Encyclopedia of Women's History in America.
Social Sciences HQ1410.C85 1996

Encyclopedia of World Biography.
Social Sciences CT103.E56 1998x

Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century.
Humanities PN771.E5

The Encyclopedia of World Methodism.
Research Library Stacks BSX8211.E5

The Encyclopedia of World Theater.
Research Library Stacks PN2035.E52 1977b

An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Conflict and Conflict Resolution, 1945-1996.
Social Sciences D842.J47 1998

English Poetry of the Second World War.
Research Library Stacks Z2014.P7R45 1986

The Entertainers.
Research Library Stacks PN1625.E73 1980

Research Library Stacks HC29.F83

The Environment Encyclopedia and Directory.
Science GE10.E56x

Environmental Encyclopedia.
Science GE10.E57

Environmental Justice.
Research Library Stacks JC578.N485 1996

European Authors, 1000-1900.
Humanities PN451.K8

European Writers.
Humanities PN501.E9 1983

Everyman's Dictionary of European Writers.
Humanities PN451.H3

Everyman's Dictionary of Literary Biography, English and American.
Research Library Stacks PR19.B7

Experience, Inc.
Research Library Stacks HC29.F834 1987

Explorers from Ancient Times to the Space Age.
General Library Reference G200.E877 1999x

Explorers and Discoverers of the World
Rare Books XZ.1.B17EX

Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.F2 1997

The Facts on File Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century.
Social Sciences D419.F33 1991

Facts about the Presidents.
Social Sciences E176.1.K3 1993

Fairchild's Dictionary of Fashion.
Fine Arts TT503.C34

Famous Actors and Actresses on the American Stage.
Humanities PN2285.Y6 1975b

Famous Author-Illustrators for Young People.
Jordan Collection NC975.S57

Famous Authors for Young People.
Jordan Collection PN452.C58 1943a

Famous Storytellers for Young People.
Research Library Stacks PN452.B38

The Far East and Australasia.
Social Sciences DS1.F3

The FBI.
Social Sciences HV8144.F43T48 1999

The Female Dramatist.
Research Library Stacks PN471.P37 1998

The Female Poets of America.
Research Library Stacks 4401.21

The Feminist Companion to Literature in English.
Humanities PR111.F45 1990bx

Feminist Writers.
Research Library Stacks Z5304.A8F46 1996

Femme Noir.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.W6H26 1998

Fifth Book of Junior Authors & Illustrators.
Jordan Collection PN1009.A1F47 1983

Fifth International Directory of Anthropologists.
Research Library Stacks GN20.I5 1975

Fifty Caribbean Writers.
Humanities PR9205.A52F54 1986

Fifty Southern Writers after 1900.
Humanities PS261.F54 1987

Fifty Southern Writers before 1900.

Fifty Western Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS271.F5 1982

Film Actors Guide: Western Europe.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P389

Film Choreographers and Dance Directors.
Music GV1779.B55 1997

The Film Encyclopedia.
Humanities PN1993.45.K34

Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2S67

The Filmgoer's Companion.
Humanities PN1993.45.H3

Focus 101.

Folk Artists Biographical Index.
Fine Arts NK805.F63 1987

Foremost Women in Communications.
Research Library Stacks P92.5.A1F6

Forty Years of Screen Credits, 1929-1969.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2W37

Fourth Book of Junior Authors & Illustrators.
Jordan Collection PN1009.A1F6

Free Expression and Censorship in America.
Research Library Stacks Z658.U5F644 1997

Freedom's Lawmakers.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.F64 1996

French Women Writers.
Humanities PQ149.F73 1991

From Silents to Sound.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.2.L52 1998

From Talking Drums to the Internet.
Research Library Stacks P96.T42G374 1997

From the Threshold.
Research Library Stacks PQ8476.F7 1987

Frontiers of Space Exploration.
Research Library Stacks QB500.262.L38 1998

Funny Women.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.U57 1987

The Funsters.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P3913

The Future.
Research Library Stacks CB158.F8 1977x

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology.

Gangster Films.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.G3S84 1996

Gay & Lesbian Biography.

Gay & Lesbian Literature.
Humanities PN56.H56G36 1994x

The Gay Nineties in America.
Social Sciences E169.1.G26 1992

Generals in Muddy Boots.
Research Library Stacks U51.C747 1996

Geographers: Biobibliographical Studies.

A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing.
Social Sciences D13.G47 1998

Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess.
Social Sciences GV1314.5.G64 1997

The Good Housekeeping Woman's Almanac.
Research Library Stacks HQ1115.G66

Great American Prints, 1900-1950.
Fine ArtsNE508.K7 1984

The Great Bird Illustrators and Their Art, 1730-1930.
Research Library Stacks QL26.S57

Great Britons.
Research Library Stacks CT783.O93 1985

Great Composers 1300-1900.
Music ML105.E944

Great Economists before Keynes.
Research Library Stacks HB76.B54 1986

Great Economists since Keynes.
Research Library Stacks HB76.B55 1985bx

Great Foreign Language Writers.
Humanities PN524.G74 1984

Great Leaders, Great Tyrants?
Research Library Stacks D107.G6789 1995

Great Lives from History.
Social Sciences HQ1412.G74 1995

Great Movie Comedians.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2M274

The Great Stage Directors.

Great Women Mystery Writers.
Research Library Stacks PR830.D4G74 1994

Great Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PN471.G74 1994

Great Writers of the English Language.
Humanities PR106.G69

Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B.C.-A.D. 1000.
Humanities PA31.G7

Guide to African Cinema.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.5.A35R87 1998

A Guide to the Blues.
Music ML3521.S58 1994

Guide to the Cinema of Spain.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.5.S7D68 1997

Guide to French Literature.
Humanities PQ226.L48 1992

A Guide to Psychologists and Their Concepts.
Research Library Stacks BF109.A1N67

Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion.
Humanities PN1993.45.H27

Handbook of American Women's History.
Social Sciences HQ1410.H36 1990

Handbook of Russian Literature.
Humanities PG2940.H29 1985

Harlem Renaissance and Beyond.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5R65

The Harmony Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Music.
Music ML102.C7H37 1994

The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography.
Science U51.D87 1992

Harper's Encyclopaedia of United States History: From 458 A.D. to 1915.
Research Library Stacks E174.L92 1915

The Health of the Presidents.
Research Library Stacks E176.1.B9314 1994

Her Way.
Jordan Collection HQ1123.K75 1976 OR HQ1123.S56 1984

Heroes of Conscience.
Research Library Stacks CT120.G36 1996

Hispanic Literature Criticism.
Humanities PQ6039.H5 1994x

Hispanic Writers.
Humanities PQ7081.3.H58 1991

The Hispanic-American Almanac.
Research Library Stacks E184.S75H556 1995

Historic World Leaders.
General Library Reference D412.H57 1994

Historical Dictionary of American Radio.
Research Library Stacks PN1991.2.H57 1998

Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Social Sciences DR1675.5.C88 1997

Historical Dictionary of the British Empire.
Social Sciences DA16.H56 1996

Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement.
Social Sciences E185.61.L84 1997

Historical Dictionary of Data Processing: Biographies.

Historical Dictionary of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organizations.
Research Library Stacks JC571.G655 1997

Historical Dictionary of Ireland.
Social Sciences DA910.T39 1997

Historical Dictionary of the Korean War.
Social Sciences DS918.H536 1991

Historical Dictionary of the Persian Gulf War 1990-1991.
Research Library Stacks DS79.72.N48 1998

Historical Dictionary of Poland, 1945-1996.
Research Library Stacks DK4433.W76 1998

Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975.
Social Sciences DP56H57 1992

Historical Dictionary of Stuart England, 1603-1689.
Research Library Stacks DA375.H57 1996

Historical Dictionary of Taoism.
Humanities BL1923.P37 1998

Historical Dictionary of Terrorism.
Research Library Stacks HV6431.A537 1995x

Historical Dictionary of War Journalism.
Humanities PN4784.W37R68 1997

An Historical Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
Research Library Stacks DS119.7.H544 1996

The Historical Encyclopedia of World War II.

History of Physical Anthropology.
Social Sciences GN50.3.S64 1997

Hollywood Baby Boomers.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.P333 1992x

Hollywood Character Actors.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P39177

Hollywood Players.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P3918 (The Forties)
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P3919 (The Thirties)

Hollywood Stunt Performers.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.S7F67 1998

Horror Film Directors, 1931-1990.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.H6F5 1991

The House of Beadle and Adams and Its Dime and Nickel Novels.
Research Library Stacks Z1231.F4J68

Human Sexuality.
Research Library Stacks HQ9.H846 1994

ICP (International Center of Photography) Encyclopedia of Photography.
Science TR9.I24 1984

Identities and Issues in Literature.
Humanities PS153.M56I34 1997

Illustrated Bio-Bibliography of Black Photographers, 1940-1988.
Fine Arts TR139.W55 1988

The Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West.
Fine Arts N8214.5.U6.S25

Illustrated Dictionary of Glass.
Fine Arts TP788.N48

Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism and the Mystery Religions.
Research Library Stacks BL625.F44 1976

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Music.
Music ML102.C7D4

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz.
Music ML102.J3C34

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock.
Music ML102.R6L63 1977b

The Illustrated Who's Who in British Films.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2G485

The Illustrated Who's Who of Hollywood Directors.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.2.B368 1995

The Illustrator in America, 1900-1960's.
Fine Arts NC975.R4

Illustrators of Books for Young People.
Fine Arts NC45.23 1975

Illustrators of Children's Books.
Fine Arts NC965.I44

In Black and White.
Social Sciences Z1361.N39.S655

Index to Scientists of the World from Ancient to Modern Times.
Research Library Stacks Z7404.I7

Index to Women of the World from Ancient to Modern Times.
Social Sciences Z7963.B6I73

Indiana Authors and Their Books, 1816-1916.
Research Library Stacks Z1281.T46

The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature.
Humanities Z3108..L5I53 1985

The International Authors and Writers Who's Who.
Humanities Z2011.A91

International Dictionary of Anthropologists.
Social Sciences GN20.I5 1991

International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture.
Fine Arts NA40.I48 1993

International Dictionary of Art and Artists: Artists.
Fine Arts N7425.I57 1990x

International Dictionary of Ballet.
Music GV1585.I57 1993

The International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers.
Humanities PN1997.8.I58 1997x

International Dictionary of Modern Dance.

International Dictionary of Opera.
Music ML102.O6I6 1993

International Dictionary of Theatre.
Humanities PN2035.I49 1992

The International Dictionary of Women's Biography.
Research Library Stacks CT3202.I57 1982

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.
Social Sciences H40.A2I5

International Literature in English.
Research Library Stacks PR9086.I57 1991

International Medical Who's Who.
Science R134.I57

International Motion Picture Almanac.
Humanities PN1993.3.M6

The International Who's Who.
Social Sciences CT120.I5

International Who's Who in Energy and Nuclear Sciences.
Science TJ163.45.I57 1983

International Who's Who in Music and Musicians' Directory.
Music ML106.G7W4

International Who's Who in Poetry.
Humanities Z2011.A91

International Who's Who of Women.
Social Sciences CT3202.I58

The International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who.
Social Sciences JA51.I57

Interviews and Conversations with 20th-Century Authors Writing in English.
Research Library Stacks Z2013.V73 1982

Interviews with Latin American Writers.
Research Library Stacks PQ7081.3.I58

Interviews with Spanish Writers.
Research Library Stacks PQ6051.G39 1991

Interviews with Writers of the Post-Colonial World.
Research Library Stacks PR9080.J87 1992

Irish Playwrights, 1880-1995.
Research Library Stacks PR8789.I67 1989

Italian Film.
Research Library Stacks PN 1998.2.S74 1994

The Japanese Filmography.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.5.J3G35 1996

The Jewish 100.
Research Library Stacks DS115.S465 1994

Jewish American Fiction Writers.
Humanities Z1229.J4C76 1991

Jewish American Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS153.J4J48 1994

Jewish-American History and Culture.
Social Sciences E184.J5J48 1992

Joe Franklin's Encyclopedia of Comedians.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.F7

Journalistic Advocates and Muckrakers.
Research Library Stacks PN4871.A56 1997

Journalists of the United States.
Humanities PN4871.D68 1991

The Junior Book of Authors.
Humanities PN1009.A1K8

The Lady Laureates.
Research Library Stacks AS911.N9O63 1986

Larousse Dictionary of Scientists.
Research Library Stacks Q141.L36 1994

Latin American Classical Composers.
Music ML105.F53 1996

Latin American Writers.
Humanities PQ7081.A1L37 1989

Law & Business Directory of Corporate Counsel.
Government Information KF195.C6D57

Leaders from the 1960's.
Research Library Stacks Z7164.S66L43

Leaders in Education.
Research Library Stacks LA2311.L4

Leaders in Electronics.
Science TK7806.M3

Leading the West.

Legends in Their Own Time.

Les Brown's Encyclopedia of Television.
Research Library Stacks PN1992.18.B7 1992

The Lexicon of Labor.
Social Sciences HD8066.M87 1998

Liberty's Women.
Research Library Stacks HQ1412.L52

The Librarian's Companion.
Humanities Z670.W39 1996

The Lincoln Library of Language Arts.
Research Library Stacks AG105.L57 1972 (Index refers to 1978 edition)

Literary Exile in the Twentieth Century.
Research Library Stacks PN495.L43 1991

A Literary History of Kentucky.
Research Library Stacks PS266.K4W37 1988

Literary Journalism.
Research Library Stacks PN4853.L57 1984

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800.
Humanities PN86.L53

Lives and Letters in American Parapsychology.
Research Library Stacks BF1026.B46 1988

Lives of Mississippi Authors, 1817-1967.
Research Library Stacks PS266.M7L5

Lives and Works in the Arts from the Renaissance to the 20th Century.

Living Black American Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5S5

The Living Female Writers of the South.
Research Library Stacks 4441.51

Longman Biographical Directory of Decision-Makers in Russia and the Successor States

Longman Companion to English Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR19.G54 1978x

Longman Companion to Twentieth Century Literature.
Humanities PN771.W28

Lutheran Cyclopedia.
Research Library Stacks BX8007.L8 1975

Macmillan Biographical Encyclopedia of Photographic Artists & Innovators
Fine Arts TR139.B767 1983

The Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
Social Sciences CT283.M3

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects.
Fine Arts NA40.M25 1982

Macmillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery.
Social Sciences HT861.M24 1998

Magic Illustrated Dictionary.

Magill's Survey of American Literature.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.45.M3

Magill's Survey of World Literature.
Humanities PN523.M29 1993

Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults.
Jordan Collection PN497.M3 1992x

Major Modern Dramatists.
Humanities PN1861.M27 1984

Major Twentieth-Century Writers.

Makers of 20th Century Modern Architecture.
Fine Arts NA680.J628 1997

Makers of Modern Culture.
Research Library Stacks CT120.M36 1981

Marquis Who's Who Directory of Computer Graphics.
Fine Arts T385.M3647

McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.
Science Q121.M29 1998

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art.
Fine Arts N33.M23

The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography.
Social Sciences CT103.M27

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama.
Humanities PN1625.M3 1984

McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers.
Science Q141.M15 1980

Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-1978.
Government Information Y4.V 64/4:M 46/3/863-978

Medieval France.
Research Library Stacks DC33.2.M44 1995

Medieval Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PN667.M43 1984

Memorable Americans, 1750-1950.
Research Library Stacks CT214.D68 1983

The Men Behind Boys' Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PR106.L6

Men of Popular Music.
Research Library Stacks ML390.E85M4

The Methodists.
Research Library Stacks BX8382.2.A4K57 1996

The Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia.
Music ML102.O6M47 1987

Mexican American Biographies.
Research Library Stacks E184.M5M454 1988x

The MGM Stock Company.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2P394

Michael Singer's Film Directors.
Humanities PN1998.A2D568

Michigan Authors.

The Middle East and North Africa.
Social Sciences DS49.M5

The Military 100.
Research Library Stacks UB210.L264 1996

Minnesota Writers.

Modern American Literature.
Research Library Stacks PS221.C8

Modern American Women Poets.
Research Library Stacks PS151.G63 1984

Modern American Women Writers.
Humanities PS151.M54 1990

Modern Arts Criticism.
Fine Arts N40.M63

Modern Black Writers.
Research Library Stacks PN841.M58

Modern British Literature.
Humanities PR473.T4

Modern China.
Social Sciences JC311.M54 1998

Modern Commonwealth Literature.

Modern French Literature.
Humanities PQ306.M57

Modern German Literature.
Research Library Stacks PT401.D6

Modern Irish Literature.
Humanities PR8753.L36 1988

Modern Irish Lives.
Social Sciences CT862.M63 1996

Modern Japan.
Research Library Stacks DS806.K47 1998

Modern Latin American Literature.
Humanities PQ7081.F63 1975

Modern Romance Literatures.
Research Library Stacks PN813.C8

Modern Slavic Literatures.
Humanities PG501.M518

Modern Spanish and Portuguese Literatures.
Humanities PQ6072.M57 1988

Modern Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PN471.M62 1996

Modern World Drama.
Research Library Stacks PN1851.M36

Modern Writers, 1900-1998.

More Black American Playwrights.
Humanities Z1229.N37A73

More Books by More People.
Research Library Stacks PN452.H66

More Junior Authors.
Research Library Stacks PN1009.A1F8

More Memorable Americans, 1750-1950.
Research Library Stacks CT214.D69 1985

Motion Picture Performers.
Humanities Z5784.M9S35

Moulton's Library of Literary Criticism.
Research Library Stacks PR85.N39 1985

The Movie Makers.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2C46

Mug Shots.
Research Library Stacks CT220.A27 1972

Murder Cases of the Twentieth Century.
Social Sciences HV6245.F74 1996

Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Folk
Fine Arts NK808.R6 1990

Music Makers.
Music ML105.M9


Musicians since 1900.
Music ML105.E97

Names in the History of Psychology.
Research Library Stacks BF109.A1Z85

The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography.
Social Sciences CT213.N27

National Leaders of American Conservation.
Research Library Stacks S926.A2N37 1985

National Playwrights Directory.
Humanities PS129.K3

Native North American Firsts.
Social Sciences E77.S96 1998

Native North American Literature.

The Negro Almanac.
Social Sciences E185.N385

New Age Encyclopedia.
Humanities BP605.N48N484x

The New Age Music Guide.
Music ML156.4.N48B57 1989

The New American Dictionary of Music.
Music ML100M857 1989

The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature.
Humanities Z2011.N45

The New Century Handbook of English Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR19.N4

New Complete Book of the American Musical Theater.
Music ML1711.E9 1970

The New Consciousness, 1941-1968.
Humanities BP602.B57

The New Encyclopedia of the American West.
Social Sciences F591.N461998

The New Encyclopedia of the Opera.
Music ML102.06E9 1971

The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PN3433.N48 1988

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.
Music ML101.U6N48 1986

The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.
Music ML102.J3N48

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
Music ML100.N48

The New Grove Dictionary of Opera.
Music ML102.O6N5 1992

New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album.
Music ML3561.J3R678

The New Oxford Companion to Music.
Music ML100.N5 1983x

The New York Times Biographical Edition.
Research Library Stacks CT120.N45

The New York Times Biographical Service.
Humanities CT120.N45

The New York Times Encyclopedia of Television.
Research Library Stacks PN1992.18.B7

Newbery and Caldecott Medal Books.
Research Library Stacks Z1037.A2K5 (1956-65)
Research Library Stacks Z1037.A2N48 1975 (1966-1975)

Newbery Medal Books, 1922-1955.
Research Library Stacks Z1037.A13M5

Social Sciences CT120.C663

The New-York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America,
Research Library Stacks N6536.N4

Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS508.W7N56 1997

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism.
Humanities PN761.N5

Nobel Prize Winners.
Humanities AS911.N9N59 1987 (& Suppl. 1992)

North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century.
Fine Arts N6503.N67 1995

Notable American Women, 1607-1950.
Social Sciences CT3260.N57
Social Sciences CT3260.N573 1980b (Modern Period)

Notable Asian Americans.
Social Sciences E184.O6N67

Notable Black American Men.

Notable Black American Scientists.
Science Q141.N726 1999

Notable Black American Women.
Social Sciences E185.96.N68 1992x

Notable Hispanic American Women.
Social Sciences E184.S75N68 1993

Notable Latino Americans.
Research Library Stacks E184.S75M35 1997

Notable Mathematicians.
Science QA28.N66 1998

Notable Names in the American Theatre.
Humanities PN2285.N6 1976

Notable Native Americans.
Social Sciences E89.N67 1995x

Notable Poets.
Humanities PN1021.N68 1998

Notable Twentieth-Century Pianists.
Music ML397.G45 1995

Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists.
Science Q141.N73 1995

Notable Women in the American Theatre.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.N65

Notable Women in the Life Sciences.
Science QH26.N68 1996

Notable Women in Mathematics.
Science QA28.N68 1998

Notable Women in the Physical Sciences.
Science Q141.N734 1997

Novels and Novelists.
Research Library Stacks PN41.N67

Obituaries on File.
Humanities CT120.L43

Obituaries in the Performing Arts, 1996.
Humanities PN1583.O25x
Music PN1583.O25x

Obituaries from the Times.
Microtext CT120.O16

O'Dwyer's Directory of Public Relations Executives.
Kirstein Business Library HD59.O353

Ohio Authors and Their Books.

Old Familiar Faces.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.2.J86 1995

The One Hundred Most Popular Young Adult Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS490.D74 1996

One Hundred Years of American Women Writing, 1848-1948.
Research Library Stacks PS151.B37 1997

One Thousand Great Guitarists.

Opera & Operetta.

Orthodox Judaism in America.
Research Library Stacks BM750.S395

The Oscar Stars from A-Z.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.92.P5

Outstanding Women Athletes.
Social Sciences GV697.A1W69 1998

The Oxford Companion to African American Literature.
Humanities PW153.N5O96 1997

The Oxford Companion to American History.
Research Library Stacks E174.J6

The Oxford Companion to American Literature.
Humanities PS21.H3 1995

The Oxford Companion to American Theatre.
Humanities PN2220.B6 1992

The Oxford Companion to Art.
Fine Arts N31.O7

The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature.
Humanities PR9600.2.W55 1994

The Oxford Companion to British History.
Social Sciences DA34.O93 1997

The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature.
Humanities PR9106.S7

The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature.
Humanities PR9180.2.O94 1997

The Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre.
Research Library Stacks PN2301.O94 1989x

The Oxford Companion to Chess.
Social Sciences GV1445.H616 1984

The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature.
Humanities PN1009.5.C37 1984

The Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture.
Fine Arts N7830.M87 1996

The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.
Research Library Stacks PA31.H69 1993

The Oxford Companion to the Decorative Arts.
Fine Arts NK30.O93

The Oxford Companion to English Literature.
Humanities PR19.D73 1995

The Oxford Companion to Film.
Research Library Stacks PN1993.45.O9

The Oxford Companion to French Literature.
Research Library Stacks PQ41.H3

The Oxford Companion to German Literature.
Humanities PT41.G3 1997

The Oxford Companion to Irish Literature.
Humanities PR8706.O88 1995

The Oxford Companion to Law.

The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales.
Humanities PB2361.O94 1986x

The Oxford Companion to Medicine.
Science R121.O88 1986

The Oxford Companion to Music.
Music ML100.S37 1970

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy.
Research Library Stacks B51.O94 1995

The Oxford Companion to Popular Music.
Music ML102.P66G35 1991

The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea.
Science V23.O96

The Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature.
Humanities PQ6006.W3x

The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Social Sciences KF8742.A35O93 1992

The Oxford Companion to the Theatre.
Humanities PN2035.O9 1983

The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Art.
Fine Arts N6490.O94

The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English.
Humanities PR471.O94 1996

The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English.
Research Library Stacks PR601.O9 1996

The Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States.
Humanities PS147.O94 1994

The Oxford Dictionary of Art.
Fine Arts N33.O93 1988

The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium.
Research Library Stacks DF521.O93 1991

The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion.
Humanities BM50.O94 1997

The Oxford Dictionary of Opera.
Music ML102.O6W37 1992

The Oxford Dictionary of Popes.
Humanities BX955.2.K45 1986

The Pacific War Encyclopedia.
Research Library Stacks D767.9.D86 1998

Pen Names of Women Writers.
Humanities Z1041.M34 1985

The Penguin Book of Women Poets.
Research Library Stacks PN6109.9.P4 1979bx

The Penguin Companion to World Literature.
Humanities PN843.P4 (American Literature)
Humanities PA31.P4 (Classical, Oriental, & African Literature)
Humanities PN41.P43 (European Literature)

The Penguin Dictionary of Decorative Arts.
Fine Arts NK30.F55 1989x

The Penguin Dictionary of Musical Performers.
Music ML385.J16 1990x

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural.
Research Library Stacks BF1407.P46 1986

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music.
Music ML3470.P45 1989x

People in History.
Research Library Stacks Z5305.U5P46 1988

Phaidon Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art.
Fine Arts N6490.P46

The Pied Pipers.
Research Library Stacks PR106.W55

Plays, Players, and Playwrights.
Research Library Stacks PN2101.G4 1975x

Poetry Criticism.
Humanities PN1010.P499

The Poets of the Church.
Research Library Stacks 5540.57 (1884)
Research Library Stacks BV325.H38 1972

The Poets of Ireland.
Research Library Stacks 2173.45 (1892)

The Poets Laureate of England.
Research Library Stacks PR505.H3

The Poets & Writers, Inc. 1977 Supplement.
Humanities PS129.P6 1977

Polish Biographical Dictionary.
Research Library Stacks CT1230.S67 1992

Political Commentators in the United States in the 20th Century.
Research Library Stacks P95.82.U6N57 1992

Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East.
Research Library Stacks DS62.8.P64 1999

Political Leaders of the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa.
Research Library Stacks DS615.P65 1990

Political Leaders of Contemporary Western Europe.
Social Sciences D839.5.P62 1995

Political Parties and Elections in the United States.
Social Sciences JK2261.P633 1991

Political Profiles.
Social Sciences E840.6.P64

Politics in America.
Social Sciences JK1010.P64

Popular American Composers.
Music ML390.E85P96 1962 Suppl. 1972

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism.

Popular Nonfiction Authors for Children.

Portraits of American Women.

Portraits in Silicon.
Research Library Stacks TK7885.2.S57 1987

Postmodern Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PN3503.P594 1986

Presidential Also-Rans and Running Mates, 1788-1980.
Social Sciences E175.1.S695 1998

The Presidents.
Social Sciences E176.1.P918 1996

Prime-Time Religion.
Humanities BV656.M45 1997

The Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature.
Humanities PL726.1.M496 1985

The Printworld Directory of Contemporary Prints & Prices.
Fine Arts NE491.P77

The Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Research Library Stacks GV959.5.U6H37 1991

Jordan Collection PR9186.2.P7 1975 (also 1982x)

Profiles of Worldwide Government Leaders.
Social Sciences D839.5.P76

Protest, Power, and Change.
Social Sciences HM278.P76 1997

Pseudonyms of Authors.
Research Library Stacks 2144.73

Puerto Rican Authors.
Humanities Z1556.H55

Puerto Rico Past and Present.
Social Sciences F1954.F47 1998

The Puppet Theatre in America.
Research Library Stacks PN1978.U6M22

Quinlan's Illustrated Directory of Film Comedy Actors.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.Q56 1992

The Radicalism Handbook.
Social Sciences HN17.5.R356 1995bx

Radio Stars.
Humanities PN1991.4.A2D46 1996

Radio's Morning Show Personalities.
Research Library Stacks PN1991.4.L46A4 1996x

Random House Webster's Dictionary of Scientists.

The Reader's Adviser.
Humanities Z1035.B7

The Reader's Companion to American History.
Social Sciences E174.R43 1991

The Reader's Companion to World Literature.
Research Library Stacks PN41.R4

The Reader's Encyclopedia.
Research Library Stacks PN41.B4

The Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature.
Humanities PS21.R4

The Reader's Encyclopedia of the American West.
Research Library Stacks F591.R38

The Reader's Encyclopedia of World Drama.
Research Library Stacks PN1625.G3 1969

A Reader's Guide to African Literature.
Humanities PR9798.Z4 1972

A Reader's Guide to Fifty American Poets.
Research Library Stacks PS303.J63 1980

A Reader's Guide to Fifty British Poets, 1300-1900.

A Reader's Guide to Fifty Modern British Poets.
Research Library Stacks PR106.S3 1979

Reader's Guide to Fifty Modern European Poets.
Research Library Stacks PN6101.P454 1982

A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction.

Reader's Guide to Twentieth-Century Science Fiction.
Humanities PN3433.8.R44 1989

A Reader's Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers.

Realism, Naturalism, and Local Color, 1865-1917.

Reel Women.

Reference Guide to American Literature.
Humanities PS129.R44

Reference Guide to English Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR106.S7 1991x

Reference Guide to Short Fiction.
Humanities PN3373.R36 1994

Reference Guide to World Literature.
Humanities PN524.R44 1995

Religious Leaders of America.
Humanities BL72.M458

Rock On.
Music ML105.N49

The Rock Who's Who.
Music ML102.R6H5 1996

The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll.
Music ML102.R6R64 1983

Romantic Hearts.
Research Library Stacks Z1231.L68J34 1997x

Same Time, Same Station.
Humanities PN1991.3.U6L32 1995

The Schomburg Center Guide to Black Literature.
Research Library Stacks Z1039.B56V36 1995

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature.
Humanities Z5917.S36R4212 1992x

The Science Fiction Source Book.
Research Library Stacks PN3433.4.S35 1984

Science Fiction: The Early Years.
Research Library Stacks Z5917.S36B62 1990

Science Fiction Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS374.S35S36 1982

Selected Black American, African, and Caribbean Authors.
Humanities Z1229.N39P34 1985

Selected Black American Authors.
Research Library Stacks PS153.N5P3

A Sense of Story.
Research Library Stacks PN1009.A1T58 1971b

Short Story Criticism.
Humanities PN3373.S386

Short Story Writers & Their Work.
Research Library Stacks PN3373.H6 1988

Silent Film Performers.
Humanities Z5784.M9L54 1996

Sixth Book of Junior Authors & Illustrators.
Humanities PN1009.A1S3936 1989

Sixty American Poets, 1896-1944.
Research Library Stacks Z1231.P7U55

Something about the Author.
Research Library Stacks PN451.S6

Music ML102.P66H47 1998

Soul Music A-Z.
Music ML105.G834S6 1991x

A Sourcebook of American Literary Journalism.
Research Library Stacks PS366.R44S68 1992

Southern Black Creative Writers, 1829-1953.
Research Library Stacks Z1229.N39F67 1988

Southern Writers.
Research Library Stacks PS261.S59

The Soviet Union.
Social Sciences CT1213.S65 1991

Spanish American Authors.
Humanities PQ7081.3.F57 1992

Spanish American Women Writers.
Humanities Z1609.L7S6 1990

Spanish Dramatists of the Golden Age.
Research Library Stacks PQ6051.S63 1998

Social Sciences JF1525.I6N36

Spreadin' Rhythm Around.
Music ML390.J26 1998

Spy Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PN3448.S66M3 1990

St. James Guide to Black Artists.

St. James Guide to Children's Writers.

St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers.
Humanities Z5917.F3S715 1996x

St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost, & Gothic Writers.
Humanities PN3435.S7 1998x

St. James Guide to Native North American Artists.

St. James Guide to Young Adult Writers.

Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives.
Social Sciences HG4057.A4

The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PR871.S87 1989

Story and Verse for Children.
Jordan Collection PZ5.H849St 1958x

Supernatural Fiction Writers.
Humanities PN3435.S96 1985

The Supreme Court Justices.
Research Library Stacks KF8744.S859 1994

Sweet and Lowdown.
Music ML106.U3C75

Sweethearts of the Sage.

Television Western Players of the Fifties.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.W4A24 1997

Texas Writers of Today.

The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers.
Fine Arts GT507.O53 1998

The Thames and Hudson Encyclopaedia of Impressionism.
Fine Arts N6465.I4D4 1990x

Theatrical Directors.
Research Library Stacks PN2205.T54 1994

They Had Faces Then.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.S57

Thinkers of the Twentieth Century.
Research Library Stacks CT120.T45 1987x

Third Book of Junior Authors.
Humanities PN1009.A1D45

Thirteen Mistresses of Murder.
Research Library Stacks PS374.D4B82 1986

The Twenties, 1917-1929.

Twentieth Century Authors.
Humanities PN451.W674

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans.
Social Sciences CT213.P993

Twentieth Century Painters and Sculptors.
Fine Arts N6768.S665 1990x

Twentieth Century Writing.
Humanities PN771.R5

Twentieth-Century Brass Soloists.
Music ML399.M4 1994

Twentieth-Century Children's Writers.
Humanities PN1009.A1T9 1995

Twentieth-Century Crime and Mystery Writers.
Humanities PR888.D4T8 1991x

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism.
Humanities PN771.G27

Twentieth-Century Romance and Gothic Writers.
Research Library Stacks PR888.L69T86

Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers.
Humanities PR888.L69T87

Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Writers.
Humanities PS374.S35T89

Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion.
Humanities BL2525.T84 1989

Twentieth-Century Western Writers.
Humanities PS271.T84 1991x

Twentieth-Century Young Adult Writers.
Research Library Stacks Z1232.T9 1994

Twenty Years of Silents, 1908-1928.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2W38

Two Thousand Years of Disbelief.
Research Library Stacks BL2785.H38 1996

U. S. Government Leaders.

The UFO Encyclopedia.
Research Library Stacks TL789.S16

The Ultimate Directory of the Silent Screen Performers.
Research Library Stacks PN2285.D68 1995x

United States. Department of State: The Biographic Register, July, 1974.
Research Library Stacks JK851.A32

The Versatiles.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2T9

The Vice Presidents.
Research Library Stacks E176.49.W34 1996

Victorian Britain.
Social Sciences DA550.V53 1988

Ward's Who's Who among U.S. Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, 1977.

Webster's American Biographies.
Social Sciences CT213.V36

Webster's American Military Biographies.
Research Library Stacks U52.W4

Webster's New World Companion to English and American Literature.
Research Library Stacks PR19.W4 1973

Whatever Became of . . . ?
Research Library Stacks CT220.L285

Who Did What.
Research Library Stacks CT103.W47 1974

Who Was Who in America.
Social Sciences E663.W55

Who Was Who in American Art.
Fine Arts N6512.F26

Who Was Who in American Politics.
Social Sciences E176.M873 1974

Who Was Who in the American Revolution.
Social Sciences E206.P87 1993

Who Was Who in British India.
Research Library Stacks CT1503.R53 1998

Who Was Who in the Civil War.
Social Sciences E467.S56 1988x

Who Was Who among English and European Authors, 1931-1949.
Rare Books XZ.1.W64E

Who Was Who in Florida.
Research Library Stacks F310.M26

Who Was Who in Journalism, 1925-1928.
Research Library Stacks 6197.210

Who Was Who in Literature, 1906-1934.

Who Was Who in Native American History.
Social Sciences E89.W35 1990

Who Was Who among North American Authors, 1921-1939.
Humanities Z1224.W6

Who Was Who on Screen.
Humanities PN1998.A2T73 1983

Who Was Who in the Theatre: 1912-1976.
Humanities PN2597.W52

Who Was Who in World Exploration.
Social Sciences G200.W24 1992

Who Was Who in World War II.
Social Sciences D736.K43 1978

Who's New Wave in Music.
Music ML12.W5 1985bx

Who's Wealthy in America.
Social Sciences E154.7.W45

Who's Who.
Social Sciences DA28.W6

Who's Who in Advertising.
Research Library Stacks HF5810.A2W46 1972

Who's Who in Africa.
Social Sciences DT18.R35 1992

Who's Who among African Americans.
Social Sciences E185.96.W52

Who's Who in America.
Social Sciences 4340a180

Who's Who in American Art.
Fine Arts N6536.W5

Who's Who in American Jewry.

Who's Who in American Law.
Government Information KF372.W48

Who's Who in American Music: Classical.
Music ML106.U3W47x

Who's Who in American Politics.
Social Sciences E176.W6424

Who's Who of American Women.
Social Sciences CT3260.A1W4

Who's Who in the Arab World.

Social Sciences D198.3.W5

Who's Who in Architecture from 1400 to the Present Day.
Fine Arts NA40.W48

Who's Who in Art.
Fine Arts N40.W6

Who's Who among Asian Americans.

Who's Who in Asian and Australasian Politics.
Social Sciences DS35.2.W48

Who's Who in Atoms.

Who's Who in Basketball.
Research Library Stacks GV884.A1M46

Who's Who among Black Americans.
Research Library Stacks E185.96.W52

Who's Who in Boxing.
Social Sciences GV1131.B87

Who's Who in Canada.
Social Sciences 4349.363

Who's Who in Canadian Business.
Kirstein Business Library HC112.5.A2W46x

Who's Who in Canadian Finance.
Kirstein Business Library HC112.5.A2W46x

Who's Who in Canadian Literature.

The Who's Who of Children's Literature.
Humanities PN452.D6 1968b

Who's Who in Christianity.

Who's Who of the Colored Race.
Research Library Stacks 4340a.197

Who's Who in Comedy.
Humanities PN1583.S6 1992

Who's Who in Consulting.
Research Library Stacks HD69.C6W52

Who's Who in Continuing Education.

Who's Who in the East.
Social Sciences E747.W59

Who's Who in Economics.
Social Sciences HB76.W47 1986
Research Library Stacks HB76.W46 1983

Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America.
Social Sciences E176.W67x

Who's Who in Engineering.
Science TA139.E37

Who's Who in Entertainment.
Research Library Stacks PN1583.W628

Who's Who in European Institutions and Organizations.

Who's Who in Fashion.
Fine Arts TT505.A2W46x

Who's Who in Finance and Industry.
Social Sciences HF3023.A2W5

Who's Who in Florida, 1973/74.

Who's Who in Football.
Research Library Stacks GV939.A1M46

Who's Who in France.
Social Sciences DC705.A1W5

Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology.

Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry.
Research Library Stacks CS5.M49 1981

Who's Who in Golf.
Research Library Stacks GV964.A1E44

Who's Who in Government.
Research Library Stacks 4220A.155

Who's Who in Graphic Art.
Fine Arts NC45.W5

Who's Who among Hispanic Americans.
Social Sciences E184.S75W36x

Who's Who in Hockey.
Research Library Stacks GV848.5.A1K37

Who's Who in Hollywood, 1900-1976.
Research Library Stacks PN1998.A2R343 1976

Who's Who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PN3435.A8 1978

Who's Who of the Horrors and Other Fantasy Films.
Research Library Stacks PN1995.9.H6H6

Who's Who in Insurance.
Social Sciences HG8523.W5

Who's Who in International Affairs.

Who's Who of Jazz: Storyville to Swing Street.
Music ML106.U3C5

Who's Who in Labor.
Research Library Stacks HD8073.A1W5

Who's Who in Librarianship.
Research Library Stacks Z720.A4G7 (1954)
Research Library Stacks Z720.A4G75 1972

Who's Who in Library and Information Services.
Research Library Stacks Z720.A4W45

Who's Who in Library Service.
Research Library Stacks Z720.A4U58 (1955 OR 1966)

Who's Who among Living Authors of Older Nations.
Research Library Stacks 2255.163

Who's Who in the Media and Communications.
Humanities P92.5.A1W465

Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare.
Science R712.A1W53x

Who's Who in the Midwest.
Social Sciences E747.W63

Who's Who in Military History.
Research Library Stacks U51.K43 1996

Who's Who in Music and Musicians' International Directory.
Music ML106.G7W4

Who's Who in New Country Music.
Music ML105.V25 1990

Who's Who of Nobel Prize Winners.
Humanities AS911.N9W53 1996

Who's Who in Ocean and Freshwater Science.

Who's Who in Opera.
Music ML102.O6W5

Who's Who among Pacific Northwest Authors.
Research Library Stacks Z1251.N7P3

Who's Who in the People's Republic of China.
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Who's Who in Polish America.
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Who's Who in Professional Baseball.
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Who's Who in Public Relations (International).
Research Library Stacks HM263.W5

Who's Who in Real Estate.
Research Library Stacks HD278.W49x

Who's Who in Religion.
Humanities BR569.W48

Who's Who in Rock.
Music ML102.R6B36

Who's Who in Rock Music.
Music ML102.R6Y7 1982

Who's Who in Russia and the CIS Republics.
Social Sciences CT1203.W46 1995

Who's Who in Saudi Arabia.
Social Sciences CT1890.W47

Who's Who in Science and Engineering.
Science Q141.W576

Who's Who in Science in Europe.
Research Library Stacks Q141.W588 1984

Who's Who in Science Fiction.
Research Library Stacks PN3448.S45A83 1976

Who's Who in the Securities Industry.
Kirstein Business Library HG4907.W54

Who's Who in the Socialist Countries.
Research Library Stacks CT120.L44

Who's Who in the Socialist Countries of Europe.
Social Sciences CT1195.W46 1989

Who's Who in the South and Southwest.
Social Sciences F208.W64

Who's Who in Space.
Science TL788.5.C37

A Who's Who of Sports Champions.
Social Sciences GV697.A1H53 1995

Who's Who in Spy Fiction.
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Who's Who on the Stage.
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Who's Who in Technology.
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Who's Who in the Theatre.
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Who's Who in Theology and Science.
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Who's Who in Track and Field.
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Who's Who in Translating and Interpreting.
Research Library Stacks PN241.P55

Who's Who in Twentieth Century Literature.
Research Library Stacks PN241.S4

Who's Who in the United Nations and Related Agencies.
Government Information JX1977.W467

Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets.
Humanities PS129.W47

Who's Who in Venture Capital.
Research Library Stacks HG4963.S56 1986

Who's Who in the West.
Social Sciences F595.W64

Who's Who of Women in World Politics.

Who's Who in the World.
Social Sciences CT120.W5

Who's Who in World Jewry.
Social Sciences DS125.A2W5

Who's Who in Writers, Editors & Poets.
Humanities PS129.W47

Wisconsin Writers.

Wizards and Sorcerers.
Jordan Collection PZ7.O1018Wj 1982

Woman's Who's Who of America.
Rare Books 4340a.222=P.10.982.1

Women in Architecture.
Fine Arts NA1997.L67 1990

Women Artists.
Fine Arts Z7963.A75B32 1994x

Women of the Beat Generation.
Research Library Stacks PS598.W7W585 1996

Women in the Biological Sciences.
Science QH26.W66 1997

Women Champions of Human Rights.
Social Sciences HQ1412.R497

Women in Communication.
Research Library Stacks P94.5.W65W667 1996

Women Composers.

Women Composers, Conductors and Musicians of the Twentieth Century.
Music ML82.L46

Women of Congress.
Research Library Stacks E747.K37 1996

Women Educators in the United States, 1820-1993.
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Women in the Field.
Science QH26.B66 1991

Women Filmmakers & Their Films.
Humanities PN1998.2.W66 1998

Women of Ireland.
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Women in Law.
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Women of Mathematics.
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Women and the Military.
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Women Novelists, 1891-1920.
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Women Pioneers for the Environment.
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Women Playwrights of Diversity.
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Women Playwrights in England, Ireland, and Scotland.
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Women in Psychology.
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Women in Public Office.
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Women Public Speakers in the United States, 1800-1925.
Social Sciences HQ1412.W67

Women in Science.
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Women in Sociology.
Social Sciences HM19.W59 1991

Women of Strength.
Research Library Stacks HQ1123.B35 1996

Women in the Third World.
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Women Who Make Movies.
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Women Who Ruled.
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Women Writers of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
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Women Writers of Great Britain and Europe.
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Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation.
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Women Writers of Spain.
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Women Writers of Spanish America
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Women's Firsts.
Social Sciences CT3203.W66 1997

Women's Issues.
Social Sciences HQ1115.W6425 1997

The World Almanac Biographical Dictionary.
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The World Almanac Book of Who.
Research Library Stacks CT103.W67 1980

World Artists, 1950-1980.
Fine Arts N6489.M37 1994

World Authors.
Humanities PN451.W67

World Defence Who's Who.
(Possibly British title for World Military Leaders,
Research Library Stacks U51.W69)

The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons.
Fine Arts NC1325.W67

The World Encyclopedia of Comics.
Humanities PN6710.W6

The World Encyclopedia of the Film.
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The World Encyclopedia of Soccer.
Social Sciences GV943.L23 1994x

World of Fashion.
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World Film Directors.
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World of Invention.
Science T15.W82 1999

World Literature Criticism.
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World of Scientific Discovery.
Science Q121.W676

World Who is Who and Does What in Environment & Conservation.
Social Sciences GE55.W67 1997

Writers for Children.

Writers of Colonial New England.
Research Library Stacks PS185.W5

The Writers Directory.
Humanities PS1.W73

Writers and Philosophers.
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Yesterday's Authors of Books for Children.
Humanities PN451.Y4